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1.) DropzOfWild - 02/16/2015
getting our first super snow of the year.... I know it's nothing like the upper north east is getting but 5" in one shot is pretty significant for us anymore
2.) bluecat - 02/16/2015
If it wasn't for global warming you'd probably get only 2 or 3 inches...
3.) Deerminator - 02/16/2015
Afraid of the snow man
4.) Deerminator - 02/16/2015
5.) bluecat - 02/16/2015
I could watch that all day.
6.) Swamp Fox - 02/16/2015
It smelled like snow this morning. We're supposed to get the dreaded "wintery mix" and a little ice overnight. That's a little better than the 3 inches of snow they were calling for last time I looked.

Projected Temps for Wed, Thurs, Friday nights: 5, 2 and then we warm up to 13. :shocked: I guess this is payback for a pretty mild January.
7.) DropzOfWild - 02/16/2015
funny schtuff.... i know global warning is hurting my deer herd too
8.) Alex - 02/16/2015
This weekend was a marathon of shoveling, snow blowing, up on the roof in -30 degree winds chopping ice, more shoveling, more snowblowing, moving pigs, frozen water dishes, thawing hoses, more shoveling.

Im a tired sob.

9.) Swamp Fox - 02/16/2015
I can relate to the frozen water bowls...The other stuff, not so much. :wink
10.) crookedeye - 02/16/2015
alex you should no better than to climb up on a roof..you need to leave that to professionals like myself...
back when I was a kid I had to shovel a pathway from my door to the school so I could learn social studys..
11.) Swamp Fox - 02/16/2015
I think this might have originally appeared in [I]The Daily Mail[/I]...Pic from somewhere in the NE. Reminds me of a picture of firefighters and icicles I seem to remember seeing when I was a kid. Dormant in my brain til just now.

12.) Swamp Fox - 02/16/2015
Ice Sculpture: 9/11 Memorial

13.) Deerminator - 02/17/2015
14.) Swamp Fox - 02/17/2015
Well, I got an inch of crunchy white ice here. Just barely made it up and down the small hill where I feed the cats without busting my butt this morning. I sure hope the little buggers appreciate it, LOL

37 for the high today, so it's only going to get slicker. Then a small snow Wed. to insulate the ice. :tap: Low temp for Wed, Thurs, Fri.: 7, [B]MINUS ONE![/B] :shocked: and 10.

Why am I not bass fishing in Florida, or something like that?
15.) bluecat - 02/17/2015
Are the cats banished to the outdoors?
16.) Swamp Fox - 02/17/2015
They were all born outdoor cats. Barn cats, basically, if I had a barn. They found me on the cat internet, apparently--- @www.SUCKER!.com----and just started showing up a few years ago, or they were born here.

Three of them like to come inside at night in the cold months, but most of the others won't even cross the threshold. I do have one little guy who likes to run inside a few feet when he hears the door open, swat whatever cat toy he sees lying around the immediate vicinity, and then run right back out. If my feather duster is missing, I know he grabbed it and I have to go look under the porch, LOL. The thing is bigger than he is, but he really likes it. You should see him march around with it. :-)

About half of them will let me touch them and the other half only love me for my Friskies. Getting picked up is nobody's favorite thing, and I can only really do it with two of them, and I have to be quick about it. :wink

So basically the animals are running the zoo, LOL.

BTW, I don't know how they sit down on the snow. You'd think it would be cold on their little butts.
17.) DropzOfWild - 02/17/2015
I couldn't handle all that upper north east stuff.... although damaging and hard work, those are some awesome pictures Alex.....
We are going to be in the minus digits here soon too.. snow on the ground and sub zero temps going to take toll on lots of things.