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1.) Swamp Fox - 02/27/2015
If I can get out to the road tomorrow (we got a pretty big snow night before last) I think I might toddle over to the Dixie Deer Classic in Raleigh, the mother of all deer shows.

Here's a heapin' hatful of my hand-picked exhibitors of note.

Full list here:


If anyone wants me to check out something special, let me know. I'll give a report if I see anything particularly interesting besides, you know, pretty girls in camo ball caps. :wink

[B]Archery (slim pickin's)

[/B]Ben Pearson Outdoors
Parker Bows
String Sling Bow Slings

[B]Blinds and Treestands[/B]

Austin Outdoor Inc.
Buckhorn Outdoor Products, LLC
Cranford Manufacturing Inc
DeerView Window Co

Frostie Bottom Treestands, LLC (Lock On stand with levelers)

Hughes Products Co (Box stands and shooting rests)
Hunter's Comfort LLC
Porta Climb Inc
Redneck Outdoor Products
Rhino Outdoors (Blinds & action video cameras)
RUT Hunting Products
Sherpa Game Carts
Superior Outdoor Supply
Tree Jack
Tree Stand Source (Insulated Blinds and Treestands)
Treewalker Treestands
Wilborn Outdoors / Millennium Stands Treestands

[B]Game Calls[/B]

1-C22 Allen Bliven Calls Waterfowl Calls
1-E29 A-Way Hunting Products Turkey and Deer Calls
1-H34 Chattahoochee Game Calls Turkey Calls
1-N11 Cornell Ent., LLC Turkey Calls, Turkey Trax, Huntpacchair
1-B10 David Halloran Turkey Calls Turkey Calls
1-H31 Dead End Game Calls Deer and turkey calls
1-C34 Deadly Attraction Game Calls Turkey Calls
1-F25 Gentlemen Jack Game Calls Turkey Calls
1-B13 Grand Slam Turkey Calls Turkey Calls
1-I34 Lodge Creek Calls Duck goose turkey calls
1-I31 Lower Creek Game Calls Waterfowl, deer, turkey
1-G33 Quack Em Back Game Calls Waterfowl Calls
1-J29 Quacks & Racks LLC Duck calls and apparel
1-J03 Sportsman's Variety Turkey Calls, pewter pins, buckles
1-B26 Super Yelper Turkey Calls Turkey Calls
1-J08 Tom Teasers Custom Calls Turkey Calls
1-G20 Slogan Outdoors Rubber rifle slings


35-A02 APU Self Reliance Alternative cooking sources
1-L26 Buck Stoves Fire pits, grills, metal fabrication
1-J04 Buckhorn Crossing Antler lighting, furniture and rustic décor
1-F09 Covert Concepts Secret Door Company Secret Doors
5-A03 Crown Royal Stoves Stoves
1-D18 Edisto Resource Management LLC Cast iron fire pits
1-F08 Assassinator Hunting Lights Flashlights
1-A23 Precision Marine Inc War Eagle and Roughneck boats
5-B05 Precision Marine Inc War Eagle and Roughneck boats
5-B14 Benchmark Tool & Supply, Inc Unmanned Aerial Systems
1-H04 Her Non Scents LLC Womens personal No Scent Products
1-I12 Hunting-Maps Aerial maps


1-C11 Outback Sporting Lodge New Brunswick
1-G22 Tobique Valley Outfitters New Brunswick
1-E25 Blueberry Hill Outfitters Saskatchewan
3-V18 Northway Outfitters Ltd Saskatchewan
1-E20 Pike Lake Outfitters Saskatchewan
3-W10 El Halcon Lodge & Outfitters Mexico
3-V11 Great Southern Outdoors Alabama
1-C18 Lee Sells Outfitter and Guide Alabama, Colorado
1-J25 Alaska Guide and Outfitting Service Alaska
1-B08 Big Game, Big Country Alaska
1-E28 Bigneck Outfitters Illinois
3-T08 Bownanza Outdoors Illinois
3-X11 Golden Triangle Whitetail Illinois
1-H08 Mid-West Trophy Outfitters LLC Illinois
1-I27 AGR Hunting Services LLC Iowa
1-G31 Whitetail Ridge Outfitters Iowa & Missouri
1-F32 Git R Done Outfitters Kansas
1-C26 Kansas Big Buck Outfitters Kansas
1-M06 Kansas Whitetail Addictions Kansas
1-B19 Kentucky Trophy Bucks Kentucky
1-K08 Long Creek Outfitters Kentucky
1-F12 Premier Outfitters Kentucky
1-K26 Fur and Fly Outfitters Maine
1-E34 Gunsmoke Lodge Maine
1-C19 Tomah Mountain Outfitters Maine
1-I22 Tidewater Guide Service Maryland deer and waterfowl
1-K29 Cherry Tree Outfitters Missouri
1-I25 High Hope Hunts Missouri
Outfitter: Africa
Outfitter: Canada
Outfitter: Mexico
Outfitter: USA
2/5/2015 page 6
Booth 2015 Exhibitor Class or Place
1-F10 Slim's Knox County Whitetails Missouri
1-N09 Whitetail Trophy Hunt Missouri
3-T09 Northwest Montana Outfitters, Inc Montana
1-H13 Trail Creek Lodge Inc Montana
1-D04 Fishtail Ranch Outfitters New Mexico
1-H05 Gavilan Creek Outfitters New Mexico
1-G25 Royal Trophy Outfitters of New Mexico New Mexico
1-D12 Captain Froggy's Hunting & Fishing Guide Service North Carolina
1-F29 Carolina Woods and Water North Carolina
1-J10 Conman's Guide Service North Carolina
1-E31 DeWitt's Outdoor Sports, LLC North Carolina
1-M05 Drake Landing LLC North Carolina
1-F08 Hog Heaven Outfitters North Carolina
3-U12 Team Part Time Whitetails North Carolina
1-N13 Wild Wing Adventures North Carolina
1-C31 BBD Ranch Ohio
1-F05 Ohio Giant Bucks Ohio
1-J20 Whitetail Kings Ohio Outfitters Ohio
1-G19 Keystone Valley Ranch Pennsylvania
1-F34 Westbrook Whitetails Pennsylvania
1-K12 Cherokee Run Hunting Lodge, LLC South Carolina
1-F22 Moree's Sportsman's Preserve South Carolina
1-J21 Roblyn's Neck Trophy Club South Carolina
1-G29 Buck and Bull Outfitters Texas
1-B28 Arrow Ridge Ranch Wisconsin
1-M10 Wild Rivers Whitetails Wisconsin
1-I13 Fly-By Island, Inc Worldwide
1-H06 Gary Youngs Hunting Adventures Worldwide

[B]Not Lee & Tiffany or Swamp People[/B]

3-W05 Antler Dogs Autographs and souvenirs
3-V09 Buttermilk Creek TV Pursuit Channel Show
3-T18 Dressed To Kill Autographs and souvenirs
3-W03 Fred and Michelle Eichler Autographs and souvenirs
1-A25 Pass'n It On Outdoors Autographs and souvenirs
1-G08 Savage Outdoor TV Autographs and souvenirs
2.) Deerminator - 02/27/2015
Get as many autographs and souvenirs as ya can.
3.) Swamp Fox - 02/27/2015
LOL...It's not really a good show if you're interested in autographs (which I'm not). About every other year, they have some big names come in and other years, not so much. I mean, I like Fred Eichler, but he's not in the same league as Tiff and Troy, for some reason, for better or worse, LOL (Tiff and Troy have been to the DDC in the past).

Dr. Kroll used to come speak pretty frequently (haven't seen him in a while) along with a few other good seminar presenters. This year doesn't look very good at all (except for one guy I know by reputation on turkey calling) but sometimes you get surprised. I might see what a couple of guys have to say about self-filming and hog hunting, but I don't have high hopes for great inside tips, LOL.
4.) crookedeye - 03/01/2015
I don't no why alex doesn't do interveiws with big shot tv hunters..like they do on archery talk? it would be easy.. we could pick a night, say Thursday...then me swampy and bluecat could ask him or her questions...then luv 2 could join in...

I remember jessejames was going to get that one guy..i forget his name??? you no the fat guy on bonecollector..
5.) crookedeye - 03/01/2015
I would pay money if the drury brothers came on here and luv 2 could ask them a question...

it would be the biggest ppv event ever....
6.) crookedeye - 03/01/2015
I think swampy could set it up when he go's to his Dixie deer classic..and ask if the drury brothers would do a interview on here...

alex just think of the potetential..we could charge maybe 5 bucks to log on to whomever wanted to particiapate...we could make like 30 or 40 bucks...
7.) crookedeye - 03/01/2015
I don't no if that woud be a wise decision though...i'm sure if luv 2 was asking the questions things would get heated and it wouldn't be about hunting no more..

it would be like youre mom does this ...or the drurys questioning luv 2's manhood..

no it wouldn't be pretty!! i'm sure it would get out of hand pretty fast...

maybe that's not such a good idea...
8.) Swamp Fox - 03/01/2015

9.) crookedeye - 03/01/2015
there would be a lot of name calling and finger pointing..
10.) Swamp Fox - 03/01/2015
Finger pointing is the worst...
11.) crookedeye - 03/01/2015
when someone points a finger at you...

its like what did I do??
12.) Swamp Fox - 03/02/2015
I only spent a few hours at the Classsic, but here are the highlights from my perspective:

Finally! A good solution to stashing your Thermacell in the horizontal position, as the manufacturer recommends, while you're in the treestand and without taking up platform space. No more jerry-rigging some weird arrangement with straps, carabiners, paracord, velcro and roofing tar...

Imagine a sturdy metal prong bracket cradle that holds the Thermacell securely and screws into your tree with a sharp, quality screw. The bracket swivels on the screw mount for positioning and compact carry.

Unfortunately, no pics and it's not even on the website yet, but it will be soon, and if it's not at Sportsman's Guide at this point, it will be. Look up [url]www.Pinkshuntingproducts.com[/url] and send an email to order, or call Pink himself at 336-682-3706.

When I saw this thing, I charged the table and yelled, "Shut up and take my money!" I think I scared him a little. I gave $10 bucks for mine, which was all the cash I had.

Visit the website to view some bowholders, gear holders, etc. I didn't inspect everything since I was short on time, but stuff looks good. If you like the little folding Primos bowholder except for the fact that the screw sucks and is too big and blunt to go into anything harder than a pine tree,, you will probably like Pink's version. Some arrow holders available, too, if anyone likes to use them.



I'm sure someone out there will find this interesting for some reason: Mancini 360 Degree Rotating Stand. I report; You decide. Twenty-five pounds.



Tactacam hunting camera. These are popping up in more and more places. Here's the scoop from the marketing folks. Haven't tried one yet. I have used the Virb, compared to the Tactacam in the video at the second link.




Lastly, Buckshot/Equalizer treestands are back. See my separate thread about that.


Show Chick report: 6 out of 10. Met minimum expectations but would have been better if we'd had decent weather. I cannot give it a 7, because I never stayed in love past coming upon the next booth, forget about rounding the aisle.
13.) bluecat - 03/02/2015
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;30249]Finger pointing is the worst...[/QUOTE]

I thought sarcasm was the worst.
14.) bluecat - 03/02/2015

15.) Swamp Fox - 03/02/2015
Well, in haiku form, yes, but otherwise, it's finger-pointing all day long. :wink

16.) Swamp Fox - 03/02/2015
[QUOTE=bluecat;30296]I thought sarcasm was the worst.[/QUOTE]

:grin:----Three points.

Hmm...I could be persuaded.

Sarcasm in haiku form, specifically, might be at the tippy-top.

When compared to other varieties, though, I think it's still finger-pointing all day long.