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1.) Swamp Fox - 04/13/2015
I neglected to put an end date on the turkey contest, I think. We'll go out to May 31 unless there are some objections.

Also, if there's a demand, I'll put more people in the contest if they request it in the sign-up thread, which can be found here:


The only stipulation is that you must be signed up for the contest before you take your bird. Otherwise, I can't count it for competition.
2.) Deerminator - 04/13/2015
3.) Swamp Fox - 04/13/2015
A reminder of the teams as of this moment, and of the rules:

The teams for the epic 2015 Hunting Country Turkey Contest are these:

Team 1


Team 2

Swamp Fox

Team 3


Team 4

Wild Bob

Team 5

OHBH (drafted by popular demand)

Team 86 (Just drafted)

Billly B

(If you all can decide on team names amongst yourselves, just let me know...It's more fun than just being a number, LOL.)

Here are the rules for this year.

Note some important changes to the rules. Please read carefully. These were posted previously and highlighted in the sign-up thread, so if you read that, then you've got the story. If you missed it, the changes are in red over on that thread.

Otherwise, here they are again, complete, without the red highlights. Please especially note the benefit of recipes posted by team members whether they kill or not, and that vertical bow kills are eligible for bonus points, but crossbow kills are not. Crossbow kills are scored the same shotgun kills.

You can get in on the contest late by signing up on the sign-up thread, but you must sign up before your kill. The contest runs through May 31.

Here's the procedure to report a gobbler for the contest and have him scored:

1-A picture of you, the bird, and weapon posted to the Kill Reporting Thread within ten days of the kill. Provide the date of the kill, the measurements and the total score for your bird in the Reporting Thread, along with the story (if you'd like). This year, we're also going to post a turkey recipe or cooking tip along with or ASAP after the kill report. You can write out a full recipe, summarize one, provide a cooking tip or post a link to a recipe or cooking tip. In the event of a tie regarding bird measurements, the contestant or team with the most recipes/tips will be declared the winner. You do not need to kill a bird to post a recipe or tip, so a hunter who skunks can still help his team by placing in the contest this way.

2-A picture of the beard (still attached to the bird, DO NOT CUT OFF BEARD) and tape measure or ruler should show the length. Show entire length of beard and tape measure, including the tip. Measurement is to the end of the longest strand.

3-A picture of each spur and a tape measure showing the length. Spurs must still be attached to the legs. Measurement is along the outside centerline, so with spurs that have any curve to them, you'll need a flexible tape.

Scores will be determined by spur length x 10 plus beard length x 2. A vertical bow kill earns 10 bonus points. Providing weight is optional and will not count toward your score.

For instance:
Beard is 8.5" = 8.5x2=17 pts.
Spurs 1" & 1-1/8" = 2.125 total spur length x 10 = 21.25 pts.
Vertical Bow Kill Bonus Points: Plus 10

So: 17 + 21.25 = 38.25 pts. total for a gun or crossbow kill. A vertical bow kill would add 10 points for a total score of 48.25.

All kills to be scored to the nearest 1/8th inch.

Only 1 bird may be entered per contestant. If you take a bigger bird after you have entered one already, you may upgrade to the better bird. When you upgrade it will cancel out the previous entry. You must be registered for the contest prior to the date of your kill. You cannot kill a bird and enter it for a teammate.

Each member's bird will count toward the team's total points.

In the past, in the event of a tie, we said we'd match the teams' top bird, second bird, third bird, etc. until we had a higher score for one team. Instead of that, we're going to use the recipe/cooking tip thing described above as the tie-breaker. This eliminates the possibility that one slightly bigger bird in one team slot creates a victory over a more successful team effort on the other side (e.g., one bird from Team A beating two or three from Team B). In the event the recipe tie-breaker method does not result in a winner, the original top bird method will be the final deciding factor.
4.) bluecat - 04/14/2015
Since it's CrookedEye and myself, I think "Team Bigfoot" would work. Is that okay CE? I'm open to any suggestions.
5.) Swamp Fox - 04/14/2015
'You know what big feet mean, don't you?"

"Big shoes?"


So I'm tempted to nominate my team "Big Shoes" in response.

The fun part would be finding names for these other teams...if that were allowed....:wink:grin:
6.) Swamp Fox - 04/14/2015
I've got my line in the water, but nothing's nibbling....

Better check my bait...

7.) bluecat - 04/14/2015
I always catch 'em when I begin to doze off. It's uncanny. :-)
8.) bluecat - 04/14/2015
I hope if I do "catch" a gobbler, I do it in the morning so that I allow myself enough time for all the proper measurements, pictures and calculations before my 4:00 nap. :wink
9.) Swamp Fox - 04/14/2015
I told myself I was going to put a ruler in the Bronco for the beard(s) this year, since that seems easier than a floppy tape, but did I do it?


(Note the note of optimism. :-) )

It's a good thing this contest isn't for valuable prizes, or we'd be having people pulling all kinds of shi....pping invoices...

10.) Swamp Fox - 04/14/2015
[QUOTE=bluecat;31182]I hope if I do "catch" a gobbler, I do it in the morning so that I allow myself enough time for all the proper measurements, pictures and calculations before my 4:00 nap. :wink[/QUOTE]

It'll wear you out!

11.) Swamp Fox - 04/14/2015
I have a few possible names for a few of the teams...But I'm not sure I can afford to lose many more friends...LOL
12.) bluecat - 04/14/2015
We may have to conduct a membership drive after the frenzy of the turkey contest diminishes.
13.) Swamp Fox - 04/14/2015
I think Punxsutawney Phil predicted this would be over by now...Has anyone checked in with Gettysburg Gerry?

He's probably what's holding us back.

I did see GoBucks lurking the other day. That was a surprise. :-)
14.) bluecat - 04/15/2015
Because of theses tough economic times, offering each new member hookers and blow is no longer a viable option.
We can only offer them a swizzle stick and a pamphlet on "How to urinate in your own home-made scrape" second edition.
15.) bluecat - 04/15/2015
I think Gerry joined the Amish mafia.
16.) Swamp Fox - 04/15/2015
He ist ein gemachtischehergestelltentshuldigungzeezingerein Mann...

(That started off simply as "He is a made man" but then I got carried away with the German schtick...Ja?)

17.) bluecat - 04/15/2015
Ja, er is ein drurybrudervonkaputseingelbhabenmudefreundbestimmt. LOL!
18.) Swamp Fox - 04/15/2015
That's what she said!

19.) Deerminator - 04/15/2015
Did you guys use spell checker?:lol:
20.) bluecat - 04/15/2015
[QUOTE=Deerminator;31200]Did you guys use spell checker?:lol:[/QUOTE]

Nein, Wir haben kein apeltgemusesuppetischdreizehnhundertkomischradmochte!
21.) Swamp Fox - 04/15/2015
Welcome our newest member, Baron von Schtupp!

He emails me to say, "I write English not so well, but this thin string for sewing or fabric-making my funny wheel getickles. As they in England say, 'Carry on!' and as we in Germany say, 'With the good marching continue!'"
22.) Swamp Fox - 04/15/2015
We need DParker back, because he knows how to put the zoomlouts and the squigglies on the words...
23.) bluecat - 04/15/2015

Wilcommen Baron!

He will soon familiar how forum writings be. Great laughter and mirth with him awaits.

(I for him may slowly become English translated now verstehen.)
24.) bluecat - 04/15/2015
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;31204]We need DParker back, because he knows how to put the zoomlouts and the squigglies on the words...[/QUOTE]

He always knows how to do the cool stuff.
25.) Deerminator - 04/15/2015
ou ʞuıoƃ sıʇ ʇɐʌ
26.) Swamp Fox - 04/15/2015
I'm afraid to ask how you did that...LOL
27.) crookedeye - 04/15/2015
only deerminator knows the nose...
28.) billy b - 04/15/2015
How did he do that:cf:
29.) crookedeye - 04/15/2015
do you no what it ment?? I can speak the sand devil language..but what deerminator said right there I cant repeat to you guys.. for fear of you and your familys lives..