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1.) toxophilite - 04/30/2015
while research on deer eyesight is not new, the university of georgia has spent years on the subject and released several conclusions. that found that deer see blue really well, like 20 times better than we do, and into the ultraviolet spectrum. turns out if you measure the light available at sunrise and sunset, it's blue and UVs that are most prevalent. previous studies revealed deer perceive color through two cone photopigments, versus human ability to perceive color through three. the third cone that deer lack is a long-wavelength-sensitive cone and when humans lack this cone it is a color-blind condition called protanopia. based on these studies, researchers believe deer to see color similar to humans with protanopic red-green colorblindness :re: now i just thought i would mention this because deerminator is red-green colorblind, so he sees like a deer, :-) right?
2.) Swamp Fox - 04/30/2015
To be able to answer that question, I'd have to know what he does when he A) sees a corn pile and B) sees a doe.

3.) Deerminator - 04/30/2015
Corn pile, I'm think'n---food

a doe,---food

4.) Wild Bob - 04/30/2015
Burnt Corn pile, I'm think'n---food

a doe,---food

- FIFY! :wink