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1.) grandpawrichard - 03/15/2013
Getting Old Sucks and Really Puts you In Touch With Reality and your Mortality!

Sunday my wife and I had to go to Walmart and the Grocery Store to pick up a few things. While we were walking around in Walmart I suddenly had a strange feeling and I noticed that my right arm felt really heavy and kind of numb. I also found that my right leg seemed to be heavy and dragging.

I told my wife I needed to go to the car, so we picked up the last couple of things on our list, went to the checkout and headed for the car. She wanted to take me to the hospital but I declined and just told her to go get the few groceries that we needed and I would stay in the car.

I had a Stroke! It was confirmed yesterday by my Medical Doctor and a full battery of tests. Ultrasound tests, EKG tests, Blood Pressure tests, X-rays, and MRI's were done along with 17 different Blood Tests made for an 8 hour and very tiring day. The results from the Blood tests aren't back yet, but every thing else is. My Doctor called me at 6 p.m with those results.

He told me that I was very LUCKY that it happened while I was up walking around and that I continued to walk for a few minutes afterwards. He went on to say that if I had not been active things would have been worse because the stroke was on the left side of my brain that controls my right side of my body and my speech center. Being active at the time kept my right side from being totally paralyzed and me speech taken away for quite a while.

Instead I just suffered minor losses in my muscle tone and mobility controls. I am going to have to walk with a cane for a while for support and steadiness for a while. I am going to have to learn to rely on my left hand to do a lot of things until I can retrain my right hand. Then I am going to have to start doing a lot of Physical Therapy to rebuild my motor functions. The tough part is that I may not be hand holing my 400 mm lens any more, but with the use of a tripod or a monopod I should be back to taking photos as quickly as possible. I will, or should be back to shooting my bows sometime, but that depends a lot on my progress and determination.

I have Got to get better really quickly because I have Cub Scouts to teach archery too in June and I Don't Want To Disappoint Them! Plus This Year is the year of a phenomenal Salmon Run and I Do Not Want To Miss It by having to sit home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.) luv2bowhunt - 03/15/2013
Sorry to hear all of that Dick. Hopefully you will do a complete and speedy recovery.

I too am noticing age catching up with me like never before. Get better soon!!
3.) Deerminator - 03/15/2013
WOW, I thought this was gonna be about wild nose and eyebrow hair.

All the best twards a speedy recovery Dick.
Your in our prayers.
4.) bluecat - 03/15/2013
Thinking of you GP. Get better please.
5.) crookedeye - 03/15/2013
you'll get better gp..all my teeth are falling out, i'm going to have to buy one of those stick looking things with bristles on it...what do you call them?? toothbrush..

maybe some of that paste to..
6.) billy b - 03/15/2013
Get better soon Richard. I've been at the "at risk" age for many years & it truly is one of my fears. My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.
7.) Ventilator - 03/15/2013
Sorry to hear that GPR, hope you have a speedy recovery as well! Its a pleasure seeing your photos.
8.) Jag - 03/15/2013
Sorry to hear it GPR, hope that you recover in time to teach the scouts to shoot and make the salmon run.
9.) Vortex69 - 03/15/2013
Getting old sucks, but having that process stop sucks a bunch more.

Get well soon!
10.) Old Crow - 03/15/2013
Get Well Gpaw ... We will send prayers your way on a full recovery ...
11.) BULLZ-i - 03/15/2013
12.) Ohbuckhunter - 03/15/2013
Sorry to hear bout that gpr
13.) CHRIS - 03/15/2013
Dick, sorry to hearabout your health.
Get better reall soon..the cub scouts are counting on you!!
14.) Leighton - 03/16/2013
So sorry to hear this Dick ,you will be in our thoughts and prayers hoping you will make a full and speedy recovery .
15.) Go Bucks - 03/16/2013
oh man... sorry to hear that GPR, hope you heal up soon.
16.) grandpawrichard - 03/17/2013
Thanks everybody! :) I'm getting better everyday and working hard at gaining a full 100% recovery! :)

Such an inspirational guy....you'll need a tissue.

This guy is amazing and has such a good handle on life. It's worth a look just to see the looks on the school kids faces. We could all do well by meeting someone like this .. gets your feet back on the ground.


He speaks English even though the sub-titles are in German. Don't worry, you will understand it..

I hope you will choose to watch this, I guarantee you will never forget it.

Sound up... click on this link -

17.) OKY - 03/17/2013
I somehow missed this. So sorry that happened GPR, glad you didn't have it any worse. It sounds like you are well on your way to a full recovery. It starts with the mind!
18.) TRAVELER - 03/17/2013
I was late to the dance too GPR. Glad your on the mend
19.) Pa bowhunter - 03/18/2013
:pray::pray::pray: for you to have a speedy and full recovery GPR..