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1.) Swamp Fox - 05/13/2015
I've been trying to come up with a good way to read full-size SD cards in the field so I can save the time going through them at camp. The solution I am leaning toward is an inexpensive tablet. Wildgame Innovations makes a 7-inch, but I have read comments that it won't read all cards...or all cameras...something. Also, I haven't been able to get a handle on whether it will handle mass deletions of unwanted pictures. Also don't know how good the screen is in sunlight. What I like about it, though, is that it is ruggedized.

So I am looking for alternatives that you all might be able to suggest, in tablets or otherwise.

The trick in finding tablets for this use is apparently finding the ones that have the full-sized SD slots. Then there might be other considerations like screen quality, etc. but I'll worry about that later.

A smartphone is probably out, since it would require a lot of unwanted changes to my existing phone plan (unwanted at least at this time) and also because it would require a cabled external card reader, unless there's some wizbang piece of wireless magic out there I don't know about. I absolutely will not have cables and stuff dangling from a device in my lap while sitting in a stand.

Secondly, there seems to be the issue of having to load pics from the card to the phone before viewing, and then (from my reading) it seems you have to go through and individually delete them. There seems to be no way to mass delete, although I wonder if you could download to a file and then delete the whole file? That probably isn't how it works, though. ([I]"That's not how any of this works"....[/I]LOL) But I consistently read about hassles deleting pics from smartphones.

Please correct me if I'm wrong about any of that, or missing something. If I were to get a smartphone, it would most likely be Android, if you all want to keep that in the back of your mind. Somebody can try to talk me out of that position, though. Just saying.

So: full-sized card slot, no external readers/cables, good screen for outdoors, mass delete function (as well as other ease-of-use items, of course), or at least easy deletion of unwanted pictures, relatively inexpensive and not particularly fragile.

Am I asking too much?

2.) bluecat - 05/13/2015
I remember the good ol' days when we used to see a big deer and then gesture with our hands as to the size while back at the local watering hole. LOL!
3.) Swamp Fox - 05/13/2015
LOL...So true...

And no numbers, either...

I like people to use their imaginations when I say a buck was "pretty good" or "real nice" or a "monster"....LOL

Imagination is a terrible thing to waste. :-)
4.) bluecat - 05/13/2015
Then the tape measures came into vogue and a lot of big deer suddenly went missing...
5.) bluecat - 05/13/2015
I have an android but I wouldn't be able to tell you how well it will accomodate extra gizmos. This is DP's line of expertise and I think he is still driving his truck around and pretending he is going to take it off road.
6.) Swamp Fox - 05/13/2015
LOL on both of those.
7.) Hunter - 05/13/2015
Moultrie has a viewer that accepts SD cards. You can view then delete or save pics. Small screen is only downfall but works pretty good
8.) Swamp Fox - 05/13/2015
Yes, I should have said a bigger and better screen is one thing (two things?) I'm looking for. I have the Cuddeback version


or possibly the older model of that, and it's a little slow and tedious to manage pictures (plus the screen is primitive).

It's on sale in Swampy's Swap Shop, BTW, if anyone's interested. :wink

So I'm interested in improving on that, and from what I've heard of the Moultrie there's no advantage. They seem somewhat similar. What do you think of the Moultrie's ease of use (scrolling, viewing, deleting)?
9.) Hunter - 05/13/2015
I found the Moultrie easy to use but hard to see pics in bright light. It's fine if you are just checking for what is showing up verses looking for sharp detailed pics
10.) Hunter - 05/13/2015
I don't think you will find a tablet that has a slot for SD cards. You will need an adapter. Maybe a small laptop or maybe the new Surface 3... Don't know if it has a card slot or not
11.) Swamp Fox - 05/14/2015
From my reading, I know there are a few tablets that have the slots. I'm trying to find an inexpensive one that does. I think I came across a thread that named names somewhere a while back. I'm going to try to find it again.

I know the Toshiba Thrive keeps coming up in discussion and I've read the specs on it to confirm. The Dell Latitude 10 is another one, which I stumbled on on my own. I'm trying to go significantly less expensive, though (I think...I kinda like the idea of a tablet filling in the territory between my laptop and my trusty netbook, so maybe I'll talk myself into spending more money than I initially intended...On the other hand, I'm not real keen on bringing electronics I rely on for other things out into the woods with me.)

In other news, I've picked up that some people use digital picture frames to look at their SD cards in the field. That's probably the lowest cost option, LOL.
12.) bluecat - 05/14/2015
I think the whole "finding bigfoot" craze is fueling ingenuity for game cams. stealth gear, etc., just like video conferencing was fueled by the porn industry.

Hey, I'm just sayin.
13.) Swamp Fox - 05/14/2015

That's probably where selfies came from, too...Just speculating, here...

14.) bluecat - 05/14/2015
It's funny but I think it's true. Mother of Invention and all that...
15.) Swamp Fox - 05/14/2015
Porn has spawned more innovation than the space program...probably...

That's just what I hear...:p
16.) Swamp Fox - 05/14/2015
You know what porn and the space program have in common?


17.) Swamp Fox - 05/14/2015
That would be even funnier (at least to me, LOL) if I could have written that upside-down the way Deerminator did a while back...He never divulged his secret, though, did he....:tap:
18.) Swamp Fox - 05/15/2015
The newer (current) Dell 2-in-1 Inspiron 11's have a built-in "media card reader." I don't know if that means it handles full-sized SD cards or not. Freakin' computer people and their foreign language. There's something on that machine that looks like a full-size slot, but I'm not confident I want to stick my neck out and say for sure.

Don't tell me I have to be the technology guy on this site now...:re:....LOL

Unless somebody gives me a different idea for a new device, as in the range of $150 or less, I think the low-cost option for a good device that will be primarily used for viewing trail cam pics and perhaps storing them and goofing around with other photos---a device I won't cry about or be in deep do-do with work if I drop it 25 feet out of a stand or beat it up in a backpack---might be to find a good used tablet for a bit more money and know some other sucker paid the sticker price and depreciation and I wound up with something a lot better than a digital picture frame, LOL.
19.) Wild Bob - 05/15/2015
I miss the good old days back when we'd argue over how 'evil' these things were and how they'd change the hunting world forever...

Cripes, these days even Luv2 runs cameras. :laugh:

On second thought, may be I don't miss those days. :-)
20.) Swamp Fox - 05/15/2015
There was a letter to the editor in one of the hunting magazines in the last couple of months claiming trail cameras were not fair chase...I thought about shooting the guy an email and inviting him to the forum....LOL
21.) Wild Bob - 05/15/2015
Boy, we had some doozies over all that in the early 2000's didn't we? Back when JC, Luv2, Great White Hunter, and all the old gang were jumping in on those kind of topics...

I wish I could go back and re-read through some of those old topics, NOW that would be entertaining!

What was our friends' name that lived up in New Brunswick again? Do you remember him? He went way back to the beginning I think...
22.) Swamp Fox - 05/15/2015
KD, I think...

Or KD Something
23.) Wild Bob - 05/15/2015
YES! There you go, it was KD... I was blanking there. Thanks.
24.) Swamp Fox - 10/03/2015
Saw this in Sportsman's Guide....I haven't come across anything other than a very few older tablets that will let you use a full-sized SD card, so this may be better/more up-to-date for all-around. SG has it now at a significant discount from list price, but it's still more than what you can get an old tablet for.


A camera and photo management system, a complete tool for trail camera users

Game caller
Use your tablet as a game caller, sound upgrades available

Plan your trips with built-in maps

Find your way back with GPS coordinates

Hunting games
Dear Hunter Challenge, Duck hunting, Forest snipper

Works with XCEL STREAM action cameras

A complete set of other useful applications included in the Android platform
gmail, web browser, etc.


Built-in GPS

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

1/8" audio output jack


Memory / Resolution

External memory
microSD card slot up to 32 GB

8 GB internal memory

1024 X 600

Physical features

Extra rugged and weather resistant

Front and back cameras

7" screen


4.4.2 Android

25.) Swamp Fox - 10/03/2015
Also this: Wi Fi card reader (stills only---no video) good with any (?) smartphone,.


26.) DParker - 10/04/2015
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;35081]Also this: Wi Fi card reader (stills only---no video) good with any (?) smartphone,.[/QUOTE]

Wow. I hope they take you out for dinner and a movie before screwing you on that stuff. You can accomplish the same thing using any one of a number of wired (like USB, depending on the type of phone you have) SD readers that will set you back $5-$10. Yes, they only work with smart phones...but so does this gizmo.

It's also nice of them to sell you SD cards for twice the going rate too.
27.) Swamp Fox - 10/04/2015
I didn't notice the SD cards.

The thing that caught my eye on the card reader was that it *wasn't* wired. The idea of a card reader dangling from a device while trying to view in the woods or from a stand has always been a bugaboo for me. Just seems like it would be very annoying and also in the way at the worst possible time.

Although I agree that's a lot of extra coin for something that amounts to one of my more minor psychological problems...LOL
28.) Swamp Fox - 10/04/2015
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;35080]

Hunting games
Dear Hunter Challenge, Duck hunting, Forest snipper


Also didn't notice this...I don't know what the game [I]Forest Snipper[/I] involves, but I hope it's not about woodland vasectomies...That would be weird. I guess it could be a companion to the fishing game [I]River Strippers[/I]...

And I'm guessing [I]Dear Hunter Challenge[/I] is not about an outdoorsman who enters a pen-pal correspondence with a scantily-clad PETA chick being held in a women's prison, who dreams of being rescued by a real man who's handy with guns and explosives and can break her out so they can live as sexy fugitives, foraging off the land...

This is what you get when you hire non-Engliish speakers in Taiwan, China or Canadia to write your marketing copy for you (as evidenced by the British spellings on the website).
29.) DParker - 10/04/2015
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;35089]Although I agree that's a lot of extra coin for something that amounts to one of my more minor psychological problems...LOL[/QUOTE]

I'm not at all opposed to paying extra if you get something out of it that you deem to be if value to you. But charging $80 for something the average electronics hobbyist could throw together in one weekend (or even one afternoon if he was already familiar with the components) using readily available parts that would cost me a total of about $40...paying full retail...is a bit much.