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1.) Wild Bob - 06/09/2015
I give up...what is it about the 4 o'clockish hour (my time, MSD) around here? It's like the Whitching Hour. If there is one thing I can count on, its that for approximately the next hour to hour and a half - I'll be the only soul posting anything on HC.

Must be everyone else's nap time or dinner time, or something.


I'm sure there is more than one time slot that this occurs around here; but this is the one that I notice the most.

2.) Deerminator - 06/09/2015
It's 6:30 here Bob. NY

4:ish is dead as is with much of the day. Activity seems to be centered around break and lunch times of the dayshift.
3.) billy b - 06/09/2015
Its 5:51 in Texas. I'm posting with you but I am hungry :wink
4.) bluecat - 06/10/2015
5.) Swamp Fox - 06/10/2015
Well, you figure Deeminator and I are on EDST time, so that's nearly half our members...I don't know what Deerminator's doing at that time, but I'm either fishing or puttering around outside.

The best time to be on here is whenever Crookedeye gets home, LOl...
6.) Swamp Fox - 06/10/2015
[QUOTE=billy b;32483]Its 5:51 in Texas. I'm posting with you but I am hungry :wink[/QUOTE]

Billy, they shut down the early bird special at the K&W at 6, so you better hustle...LOL...

I ate supper last night around 6:15 and it felt weird...Felt like when I was a kid and had to go to bed before the sun was down, too, LOL...But I hadn't eaten anything all day, either...Usually I eat supper late.
7.) Deerminator - 06/10/2015
TA, :hb:DAAAAAAA:hb:9:40

8.) Wild Bob - 06/10/2015
[QUOTE=Deerminator;32497]TA, :hb:DAAAAAAA:hb:9:40


- I like the 'Clock Work Orange' under tones...:tu: