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1.) DropzOfWild - 03/16/2013
Has anyone tried to move a lick or has with success?
I need to move my hot one
2.) Swamp Fox - 03/16/2013
My experience with licks is that if they are even somewhat close to a trail or movement area, they will get used, so don't worry about moving one a bit.
3.) DropzOfWild - 03/16/2013
Well here's the deal....we have this clown of a neighbor that likes to roam on everyone else's ground. The lick is very productive but close enough to the line that when season hits he boogers it all up cause he tromps every where. I have a great or I feel is a great location to where he won't go because he'd be spotted easier....I thought I could take to 5 gal buckets and swap dirt . I know it'd take time for them to find but the deer won't mind an extra 100+ yards. Just didn't know if it was logical to try or just start a new spot and stop feeding the current
4.) Swamp Fox - 03/16/2013
As long as the deer use the proposed new area (proximity of trails/sign) go ahead and move it. There's nothing magic about it. They will use a lick if it is close to where they travel. Open a lick with Black Magic now (not late in the summer)--they will find it very fast--- and freshen/stoke it with a block in 30-60 days.
5.) DropzOfWild - 03/16/2013

Top left symbol is where my lick is now, to the right under the deer head is where I'd like to move it. Top & bottom are pretty close to thr property lines left goes a lil further and right even more. Its the clown to the north who also hunts is the issue and knows where my stands are. The suggested site is actually south of that play house/blind I built for Lorelai. The deer stil travel through there and it's for the most part the closest spot that's flat enough. My avitar is the house/blind and faces north/top of pic.
6.) Deerminator - 03/16/2013
7.) DropzOfWild - 03/16/2013
I knew u wouod D!
8.) CHRIS - 03/16/2013
I agree with Swampy. I would just start a new mineral site they will find it.
I would scoop up as much of the old loose stuff as possible and re use it at the new site.
I would also dump a bucket of fresh dirt on top once it's cleaned out just to keep them from re digging it.
Most deer can be redirected. if your current lick is on a path drag a few limbs onto the path in front of the lick to get them to go the direction of the new.
As long as the path is not one that is used as a primary from bedding to feeding they should redirect.
I use this tactic when setting new mock scrapes when the deer trail is not quite right for my stand location.
Good luck.
9.) Swamp Fox - 03/16/2013
They won't pay much attention to the old lick after maybe 60 or 90 days after you remove your block/quit freshening it, in my experience. So I'd do that ASAP so the deer start using your new lick "exclusively" and start bringing the new fawns around (teach them early where you want them to travel when they get to be big bruisers, LOL).

I think digging out some good dirt and putting some new dirt on top of the old lick is a good idea that will probably help move the deer along more quickly to richer pastures, so to speak.

If you want to swap dirt because it's mineral-rich, that's fine, but I personally wouldn't go to the trouble of that to start a new lick (I have moved dirt to relocate a scrape, but even on that I'm not convinced it's worth the trouble, considering it's relatively easy to start mock scrapes with all the commercial ju-ju juice out there these days).

The Deer Cane products attract the deer very fast and they'll dig to China on it in the right place. A lick using Cane might fail one out of ten times, in my experience around here. I use the Black Magic powder because I can throw four or five 4.5 pound bags in my backpack and make my rounds on foot. It has a sweet smell which I think attracts deer quickly. I have also used the regular Deer Cane ready-to-go powder and the kind you mix with water, but I'm pretty sold on the Black Magic for portability and quick reactions.

I fooled around with home-brew licks many moons ago but found gathering the ingredients, mixing them, and storing them a big distraction from other things I wanted to do, such as veg out on the couch watching TV. I was recently thinking about digging out/asking people about best recipes, though, just for grins and giggles.
10.) DropzOfWild - 03/16/2013
I have had great luck with trophy rocks....that's where I have watched my big bruisers come from but when season comes up they're gone and like I said this clown north of us likes to walk around and see you sitting in your stand. I put my cam on the old spot (3-4 yrs) because just like the last 2 they are waiting for it to hit the ground. I have nice deer in the area and I know they'll go where ever the wind blows but I don't want to delay their nutrients or have em go another direction, but the upside is with him walkin around just pushes em on us that much more.
I'm gonna cut a trail like I did before and it worked awesome. Do like the trophy rock but I'll try the black magic for a faster locating time. Relocating some of the dirt may or may not help but my fat a $$ can use some off season exercise lol.
Mixes I tried the trace mineral, rocksalt & dicalcium phosphate twice first dug hole and refilled while adding as directed and nothing, took another mix and just dumped in a pile straight on ground and they hammered the hell out of it and started a hole, unfortunately I don't hunt that farm any more.

This is what I've been growin on grain plots (grown) and trophyrocks

11.) Ohbuckhunter - 03/16/2013
That's a nice deer.

I've been using lucky buck for the past 2 years. I love it.
12.) DropzOfWild - 03/17/2013
I'm a firm believer in what works on one side of the field won't on the other so stick with what does...I've used several items and found it... I'm just tryin to relocate and have it found quickly with out riskin them goin and findin somethin they'll settle on.
I had him,one 9, two 8's and a 7 that were all very healthy shooters...first evening in my set the clown neighbor comes trompin through on me right about prime time..... since it's so close to the line I feel like I need to make a new trail and lick to keep him from chasing off and boogering up my hunts any more
13.) CHRIS - 03/17/2013
nice bone!!!!
14.) XJCraver - 03/19/2013
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;2894]They won't pay much attention to the old lick after maybe 60 or 90 days after you remove your block/quit freshening it, in my experience. So I'd do that ASAP so the deer start using your new lick "exclusively" and start bringing the new fawns around (teach them early where you want them to travel when they get to be big bruisers, LOL).



That's weird. One of us has some funny deer....

It's illegal in IL to place a block/lick. Some time before I married in to this farm and started hunting here (10 seasons ago) there was another guy who hunted the place, and he didn't pay much attention to game laws. He had a mineral block that he [I]constantly[/I] fussed over (always had a fresh block, used molasses and salt on top of the blocks, etc.), that just so happens to be ~40 yds. away from one of my stands. To this day, I can sit that stand and watch the deer paw/chew/lick that spot. They don't use it near like I imagine they would an active site, but there is a ~ 3' x 3' hole there, always bare dirt, and always fresh tracks.

All I can think is that he used that spot so much that the minerals leeching into the soil must still be there. Some trace of them, anyway.

Or, I just have a bunch of old, senile deer. :shocked:
15.) Swamp Fox - 03/19/2013
I don't doubt that a lick that has been maintained nearly forever---LOL--would take longer to die out. And who knows?...Some guys put blocks on natural licks to enhance them. If I quit maintaining a lick, it dies pretty fast. But then, I'm not backing up dump trucks to my spots. ;)