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1.) Hunter - 06/24/2015
Is that prison break episode anywhere near Alex?
2.) billy b - 06/24/2015
I was wondering that myself.
3.) Deerminator - 06/24/2015
Depends on whatchya call close.
4.) Swamp Fox - 06/24/2015

Clinton Prison is up there in the extreme NE corner of NY, up there close to the heel of Montana on this map.

It's one of 57 states, on the Gulf Coast.

5.) Swamp Fox - 06/24/2015
This could explain why CNN never found that Malaysian airliner they went on and on about for weeks...

Google "CNN map mistakes" if you want a giggle this morning...Or see the links at the end of this article, LOL

6.) Swamp Fox - 06/24/2015
In hindsight, it's probably good that Hillary wiped her email server. Even though it was on property guarded by the Secret Service, you wouldn't want escaped prisoners coming in the house and messing with any of the wedding plan emails or non-sensitive information...

7.) Swamp Fox - 06/24/2015
On the other hand, I imagine having two convicted felons in her home would be only slightly more of a nightmare than one unconvicted felon...

8.) Deerminator - 06/24/2015
Swampys map has the state of Pensalvaniy labeled as New York.
New York is the state above PA.
Clinton prision is located north, off the map.
9.) Wild Bob - 06/24/2015
It's amazing to me how many people skipped Geography in school. :re:

Of course, me personally, I'm a bit of a map junky and don't like to find out about any event(s) or discuss matters without putting it in the context of location. But I've got to remember that location doesn't mean a lot to some folks. And I guess my quirk on that there would seem anal to some folks as well. :wink

Ok, I'll shut up now.
10.) Deerminator - 06/24/2015
[QUOTE=Wild Bob;32734]It's amazing to me how many people skipped Geography in school. :re:

11.) Jon - 06/24/2015
When I saw the CNN report identifying the state incorrectly, I immediately changed the channel and went back to Phineas and Ferb