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1.) Wild Bob - 06/24/2015
We were on our way out the lake yesterday evening for a little fishing as we crossed the Milk River along the way. As we were driving along, my wife said, "Look by the guardrail - what are those?" She no sooner said that and realized what she was looking at and followed up with, "Oh my gosh, look at all those little raccoons she has!"

I was driving, and we didn't have a camera handy, but I wish I had: there along the edge of the bridge near the guardrail was a momma raccoon and no less than nine little ones trailing along behind her! :cool:

It was quite the little (big!) brood...I've seen mother coons before with little ones, but not that many!
2.) Deerminator - 06/24/2015
they sure are cute little critters and will will play with you just like a kitten
3.) Swamp Fox - 06/24/2015
Always wanted a raccoon for a pet. Know several people who had some. I think they were all named "Rocky" best I can remember, LOL

While out turkey hunting one morning a few years ago, I heard some churring and tracked it down to a hollow stump or tree knot about waist high to me. I peeked over the edge and there were three or four babies inside, grayish if I recall. I didn't stick my head further down in there to figure out if they were possums or coons, or if Mama was home and might think my snout looked like lunch, but I suspect they were baby bandits.

Nowadays I spend many a pleasant evening outside, puttering around waiting for it to cool below 90, and trying to keep their cousins off the cats' Friskies with a sackful of non-lethal strategery.