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1.) Wild Bob - 07/07/2015
So someone fill me in: What’s the deal with 'Twin Peaks?' :cf:

Seems like after the biker fiasco in Texas, at every turn I'm reading or hearing something about that restaurant chain. I've never been to one; I've never even been somewhere and driven past one... What is it - are they a knock off of Hooters I'm assuming?
2.) bluecat - 07/07/2015
I think they do cater to the Hooters crowd. I don't know of any in Kansas. Are they in the news again?
3.) Swamp Fox - 07/07/2015
Nice boobs are always in the news...:wink :grin:

This thread is worthless without pics...:beer:
4.) Deerminator - 07/07/2015
yes to the pics:hb:
5.) Wild Bob - 07/09/2015
Come Swampy, I thought you were going to provide visual aids...

Yea, I heard them mentioned in a couple different news reports lately. Then I heard an advertisement on the radio advertising franchise startups for Twin Peaks Restaurants. (I heard that on streaming radio from a bigger city; because God knows my home town/area is not populated enough to even entertain a chain style restaurant.)

I was just curious what they are like.
6.) Swamp Fox - 07/09/2015
[QUOTE=Wild Bob;33073]...
I was just curious what they are like.[/QUOTE]

They're like soft pillows of fun...:-)

C'mon, Wild Bob: Try to keep up! :wink
7.) Jon - 07/09/2015
But, how does swampy know this? ^^
8.) billy b - 07/09/2015
Cleaning girl:wink
9.) Swamp Fox - 07/09/2015

An active imagination?
10.) billy b - 07/09/2015
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;33079]LOL...

An active imagination?[/QUOTE]

That's a strange name for a girl:cf:
11.) Swamp Fox - 07/09/2015
So is "Bruce"...:wink
12.) Wild Bob - 07/09/2015
OK, so lets turn this in another direction before Swampster short ciruits and pops an implant...

What do they serve at TP? Is the menu based on sea-food? Can a guy get crabs there???
13.) bluecat - 07/09/2015
[QUOTE=Wild Bob;33084]Can a guy get crabs there???[/QUOTE]

Mmm probably...but you don't need a seafood restaurant to get 'em. :wink
14.) Swamp Fox - 07/09/2015
15.) Swamp Fox - 07/09/2015
Bikini Week is coming up at TP (I looked it up), and by coincidence, I'm in the market for a new Personal Flotation Device...
16.) bluecat - 07/09/2015
People don't go to Twin Peaks for the wings, they go for the breasts and thighs. Crabs are optional.

Lug nuts anyone?

17.) Swamp Fox - 07/09/2015
Speaking of nuts, a guy walks into a Twin Peaks and orders a beer at the bar. The barmaid fetches a frosty mug and slides a bowl of peanuts to him.

The guy takes a sip of beer and hears a voice coming from the bowl: "I really like your shirt, and your cologne smells good."

Surprised, the guy asks the beer wench, "Hey, what's with the peanuts?"

She says, "Oh, they're complimentary."
18.) bluecat - 07/09/2015
Boo Hiss :-)
19.) Wild Bob - 07/09/2015
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;33091]Bikini Week is coming up at TP (I looked it up), and by coincidence, I'm in the market for a new Personal Flotation Device...[/QUOTE]

Speaking of Bikini Week; I got a funny little story related to bikinis to tell...

So when ever we travel to Great Falls or any other big city over in that direction there's basically only one route to take from home here. So it does suffice to say that when I travel; probably at least 65% of the time it’s in that direction, along that route. Well about 2.5 hours from here that route takes one through a small town (which in order to protect the innocent; I will not name). This town is small; I'm talking size wise, its home to about 1,200 people. Other than 3 three farm equipment dealer/repair shops, and four bars, 2 gas stations, one rundown motel and a Post Office...there is not much in this town.

But alas, there is one small drive thru coffee hut named, 'Bikini Coffee.' It's is a brightly colored / decorated up little hut with a tropical look to it. So for about 2 years straight, I'd pass this place every so often, but timing just never seemed to work out for me to hit it up for a cup of Joe. During that time, due to much speculation from my limited pea brain...I'd built this place up in my mind to a place of 'erotic coffee delights!'

Of course, my wife had seen the little coffee hut it as well, and I did more than my fair share of playing it up with her over those couple of years. Every time I'd pass by there, I'd text her and jokingly mention something like, "Yea, I'm just getting my cup filled up at Bikini Coffee." Or "Wow, you should see what I'm looking at while I get a cup of Joe," or any number of other suggestive messages I'd concocted (again, in my pea brain!)

My wife would always come back with something like, "Yea, yea, yea, just keep your eyes in your head," or "Hands on your own cup only."

So we had fun with this for quite a while. And finally came the faithful day when low and behold, we were passing by there in the AM and the place was actually open. So, I looked at my wife and she looked at me, eyebrows raised, so I whipped the truck around, and we pulled back in there. I eased up to the window eager to see in and order, my wife rubber necking around me trying to see beyond my fat head...

And there she was… The fuggliest, roughest looking middle aged specimen of a woman you'd ever want to lay eyes on. She was bundled up (it was winter) and thank the heavens above, there was no bikini...

As she opened the window and asked to take our order, my wife was rolling on the floorboards laughing her ass of at me for having pumped this place up so in my mind. As Mrs. Sasquatch took our order and then asked, what’s so funny, I had all I could do to say with a straight face, "You really don't want to know Ma'am." Fortunately, my wife regained her composure and saved my butt by following up with, "No Ma'am you really [I]DON'T[/I] want to know...men!" At that point, the she dropped it, but the poor woman gave me a dirty look and went on to give me crap about being a gentleman for my wife. She then looked at my wife and gave her a 'that'll fix the bum' look, with a nod of her head.

My wife was still laughing a mile down the road as my vision of a place of 'erotic coffee delights' now looked more like a raised landscape charred by a raging forest fire. So much for ‘Bikini Coffee’.
20.) Swamp Fox - 07/09/2015
LOL...Good story. Something tells me that not the first or only time that lady's had to deal with misconceptions about Bikini Coffee.
21.) Deerminator - 07/10/2015
A Better name might be inflatable girl:laugh: