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1.) Swamp Fox - 08/12/2015


2.) Swamp Fox - 08/12/2015
Well, that thread didn't last long....LOL
3.) bluecat - 08/12/2015
Couldn't access it. What's up?
4.) Swamp Fox - 08/12/2015
I'm glad you asked...:wink

Some guy started a thread last December about how he and his uncles, dad, gramps etc. booked a rut bow hunt with an lllinois outfitter and they wound up sitting too close together, not hunting fresh ground as they were told they would, were told to sit all day in the same location, etc. Only one of the five of them shot at a deer. (Lost it.) The poster was an unhappy camper, you could say. He called the outfitter out by name.

Today, apparently, the outfitter found the post and proceeded to reveal the name, address and I believe the phone number (if I'm not mistaken) of the complaining hunter, pointed out he was a young guy who lived in Chicago in an apartment (so what did he know about hunting?) and alleged his whole party spent their nights drinking, to the point that he (the outfitter) handed them off to one of his guides so he wouldn't have to deal with them. He also said he put them on a smallish plot of family land rather than on his leased properties so as to avoid liability and landowner problems. There were some interesting stories told about whether the hunters followed advice or hunted all day every day as the OP claimed. Then the outfitter topped it off by showing some pictures of his own successful DIY elk hunt to prove his hunting chops.

In between the OP and the outfitter's post, there was the usual outfitter bashing from the usual suspects, and then it REALLY started getting good this morning after the outfitter chimed in.

I'm sure I'm missing some of the better moments of this thread in this executive summary, but it was destined to become epic, LOL. Unfortunately, AT removed it in less than an hour, after the outfitter posted.

I hope I brightened everyone's day, though, with this brief second-hand glimpse of what else is out there on the other side of the fence, LOL
5.) bluecat - 08/12/2015
I figured it was something juicy.
6.) luv2bowhunt - 08/12/2015
Man I miss those days here. We had laughs everyday back in the day.

Alex on the other hand..............:wink
7.) Swamp Fox - 08/12/2015
Kind of a shame, really, that it's gone. Kinda like how it feels when you finish a shrimp lo mein lunch plate: You're glad you got it for the lunch price instead of paying more for the same thing at dinner, but you already wish there had been more, and you know that feeling's only gonna grow as the minutes go by...

That was lunch and there's nothing more you can do about it. It's not like you can have a second one...

Pretty sad, really, as I say.

8.) billy b - 08/12/2015
Yuup, I miss those days:tap:
9.) Swamp Fox - 08/12/2015
If Chinese restaurants had a Weight Watchers version, that'd be Hunting Country:

You might not want to stop in when you're hungry.

10.) Swamp Fox - 08/12/2015
Ask me if I've eaten anything all day today, LOL...
11.) luv2bowhunt - 08/12/2015
HuntingCountry is like when you're really in the mood for Thursday night college football, only to find out it's Tulane vs. Rice. I mean it is football in the technical sense, but how seriously can you take it?
12.) bluecat - 08/12/2015
Okay, that one made me smile. You feelin okay Luv2?
13.) BULLZ-i - 08/13/2015
14.) Swamp Fox - 08/13/2015

I'd like to see the University of South Carolina play Rice, especially in the post-season...It would be the Chicken and Rice Bowl...
15.) Deerminator - 08/13/2015
me 2