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1.) billy b - 10/02/2015
[B]Looks like you might need em.[/B]:shocked::shocked:
2.) Swamp Fox - 10/02/2015
Yeah, we're getting pounded....The ground is already saturated...It's been raining for more than a week and I'm sure we're gonna lose some trees and powerlines before this is over. I had some trouble with the internet this morning.

We have a flash flood watch, a flood warning and a wind advisory for my immediate area. My camp is getting it worse, but it's still hang on to your hat time here.
3.) BULLZ-i - 10/02/2015

4.) crookedeye - 10/02/2015
you should have continue the sentence.."yeah were getting pounded by rain.." instead of .."yeah were getting pounded.."

I mean, what are we suppose to think?
5.) Swamp Fox - 10/02/2015
Just some disoriented fish and maybe a gator or two at Camp Swampy right now, LOL...

I'm high and dry...No, wait...

6.) crookedeye - 10/03/2015
7.) Swamp Fox - 10/03/2015
Well, we got a bunch of rain and wind, but not as much as they were calling for, I don't think. We still have some more rain to come, but right now we're getting a respite, and they're not calling for a lot more. We had some minor flooding in the area, but that was about it as far as I know. Wind will keep up until Monday.

I'm tempted to go take pictures of the river, but I think I'm too lazy. I might watch Nebraska try to play football...
8.) billy b - 10/03/2015
Yep, you lucked out when it changed course to the east.
9.) crookedeye - 10/03/2015
I thought for sure that storm might do you in.

they get rid of bo? that red headed athletic director needs to go back to wiscousin...
10.) Swamp Fox - 10/04/2015
You're right.

I'm far enough inland that most hurricanes/tropical storms don't cause major problems here, but a few do....Hugo and Fran spring to mind immediately, LOL ..My SC spots are a different story. I'll be paddling or needing hip boots there for a while. :-)....But on the plus side, that keeps the riff-raff away...:grin:
11.) Swamp Fox - 10/04/2015
[QUOTE=crookedeye;35084]I thought for sure that storm might do you in.

they get rid of bo? that red headed athletic director needs to go back to wiscousin...[/QUOTE]

You just have to become a Penguins fan...Not that that's gay or anything...
12.) Swamp Fox - 10/04/2015
Oh, c'mon...You're just gonna let that hang there?
13.) crookedeye - 10/04/2015
I was so mad watching that game I actually snapped a pencil in half and threw on the floor,,thats how mad I was...
14.) Swamp Fox - 10/04/2015
15.) billy b - 10/04/2015
[QUOTE=crookedeye;35091]I was so mad watching that game I actually snapped a pencil in half and threw on the floor,,thats how mad I was...[/QUOTE]

Next time try to squish a grape:nk:
16.) Swamp Fox - 10/04/2015

I just checked on the SC situation and they got it a lot worse than I did. Looks like I probably got 8-10 inches of rain at camp, with a good soaking continuing today, heavy at times, and wind 20-25 MPH+. The spigot isn't supposed to shut off until Tuesday. A 20+ mile stretch of I-95 about 20 miles from me is closed, so that can't be good. I have an 18' x20 ' industrial canopy over part of my camping area and I hope it's still standing, LOL. This might be its last year taking wear and tear, anyway, but I'd hate to lose it now. Between high winds and rain pooling where it has begun to sag, I'm crossing my fingers.

Lots of flooding around the state. One location near Charleston reported 24 inches of rain, with several others reporting 16-18. I've heard descriptions of 1000-year rainfall, meaning it's only forecast to happen once every 1000 years on average, LOL. Check out some of the pics in the links. :ek:



17.) DParker - 10/04/2015
Sounds like here about 3 months ago (though we're back to drought now).

Keep your surfboard waxed. Better yet, see if you can't convince the girl from the produce section of the Piggly Wiggly to wax it for you.
18.) billy b - 10/04/2015
19.) Swamp Fox - 10/05/2015

Billy, are you OMGing about the pictures or the surfboard waxing? ...:wink
20.) Swamp Fox - 10/05/2015
21.) Swamp Fox - 10/05/2015
22.) billy b - 10/05/2015
23.) DParker - 10/05/2015
24.) Swamp Fox - 10/05/2015
Remember, kids:

[I]"Vegetables are sensual. People are sensuous." [/I]

Important Noledge Lesson For The Day...LOL

25.) Swamp Fox - 10/05/2015
Could be worse at camp than I thought. This map shows much more rain than others I've seen. I'm just south of the area where pink and red meet, just east of the tag that says Dalzell. (ArcherXP used to live in Dalzell, by the way.) Lots of buddies and family in the triangle formed by the top of that tag, down to Sumter and over to Columbia, then some more friends and family east, inland from NMB and Georgetown. Rivers won't crest toward the coast until later this week, even though rain is supposed to end today, so they haven't seen the worst yet.

Made some calls today...You can't reach an open business anywhere that I tried. Have heard from some people. They're hanging in there.

26.) Swamp Fox - 10/05/2015
[I]"I'll tell you what this means, Norm. No size restrictions and screw the limit!" [/I]
27.) bluecat - 10/05/2015
Good one Gary. Hang in there Swampy.
28.) billy b - 10/05/2015
That pic looks like what we had around here back in the spring, now the lake is a foot low............Texas:bang:
29.) Swamp Fox - 10/05/2015
Yeah, to put things in perspective, I saw a Texas record around 27 and a whopper of 43 inches (Houston, late '70's tropical storm)...In SC, it didn't help that it had been raining for a while before the storm even came in, the ground was soaked, and half the state is water to begin with...LOL.
30.) Swamp Fox - 10/07/2015
Excellent burgers and raw fries when they're not underwater...

Nice buck killed on Monday (rain continued):