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1.) Wester - 11/07/2015
Being from Utah I can't accomplish this goal in state. I want a diy place without paying to hunt land and def no guide. Can someone point me in the right direction? Even states to look into? I heard Texas is good but most places to hunt cost money.
2.) Swamp Fox - 11/07/2015
Have you looked into California? It's relatively close, and some areas have plenty of hogs. Can't say I'm optimistic about free access to land, but it's worth a peek.

Cultivate all the friends in Texas that you can. :wink

Public land in the South is more work to arrange, but possibly your best bet. I used to have some good private land for hog hunting but not anymore, or I'd invite you to think about that. If you look into public land in SC or Georgia, I'll know a lot about a little of it and a little about a lot of it. I'll try to help. I wouldn't get too excited about the mountain areas, and that goes for NC and Tenn., too. People like to pump up mountain pig hunting in the press and on the innerweb, but you'll do much better as an out-of-stater in the low and coastal areas.

Next I would look at Alabama and Mississippi. Then in descending order: Arkansas, Louisiana and Florida. (Lots of hogs in Florida, but good luck hunting them for free.)

Those are my picks and I'm sticking with them. :wink

Also, I'd try to plan my hunts soon after deer seasons close, and avoid summer hunts, or even fall. Jan-March is my favorite time. Because water is high and food not plentiful, it is easier to find pigs. If I HAD to do a summer hunt, I'd find a place I could night hunt, which will be next to impossible on public land.
3.) Swamp Fox - 11/07/2015
Fourteen year-old data from California....Way to go DFnW! LOL

4.) DParker - 11/07/2015
[Quote]In 1957, wild pigs were designated a game mammal by the State Legislature. The Fish and Game Commission soon established hunting seasons, bag and possession limits, method of take and the conditions for using dogs.[/quote]

Good idea. I mean, you certainly wouldn't want to over-hunt and reduce the numbers of an incredibly destructive invasive species.
5.) Swamp Fox - 11/07/2015

At one point, NC was the worst, but we could plead special circumstances. Things have loosened up in the last few years.

If you dig around on the Cali. site, you'll find 2011 or 2012 pig harvest data, but that still seems behind the curve to me. Why they want to have the above map on a "front page" is beyond me, though, LOL.

Here's some more info on public land, Wester:

6.) FightOrFlight - 02/15/2016
If you want to pay to shoot boar on a ranch or you can get on the military bases California might be ok for hunting, but there are not too many good free spots in this state.