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1.) Wild Bob - 01/08/2016
So Bob's thread about the close of the season and the subsequent doldrums that set in got me thinking...

During these long winter nights, I tend to kick my reading up a notch (for a few minutes each night, at least until I'm sound asleep drooling on myself, LOL).

What's anyone else reading right now?

If anyone is interested, here a couple of book that I'm reading right now that I highly recommend:

Back in the fall while traveling for work, I hit up a favorite antiques/junk store down in Bozeman that also carries a lot of used books. My great find on that trip was an immaculate copy of Jack O'Connor's [I]Sheep and Sheep Hunting[/I]. I've been slowly reading this book, trying to make it last as long as I can. It is a great, timeless read if you are into sheep (I know, I know...I'm sure someone will have fun with that comment! :-))
This book is full of history, sheep hunting info, and wisdom. It's not only very good information for anyone interested in hunting sheep, but itís also a great glimpse in the hey-day of a hunting era (unfortunately) gone by.

Another Book I'm reading is a book my wife got me for Christmas entitled [I]The Call of the Wilderness [/I]by Dave Vander Meer. I just started it, but I'm enjoying it already. Mr. Vander Meer is a Canadian that grew up in Ontario, but lives in Manitoba now and owns a Whitetail and Black bear guiding service. This book is more of memoir that focuses on his young adulthood experience running a wilderness trap line in Northern Ontario back in the 70's.
2.) Swamp Fox - 01/08/2016
For some reason, I sometimes have trouble sticking with a lot of outdoor reading. I guess I have a certain type I like and other types I can't make it through more than a few pages. So I'd like to get some suggestions about what other people like and are reading.

I picked up my copy of Russell Thornberry's [I]Trophies of the Heart[/I] again recently and am making better progress on it than in the past. It appears that there nothing wrong with it so far...Maybe I've just had too short an attention span when I've tried reading it in years gone by. LOL---Stories of Canadian big game hunting, and such.


I have several how-to titles I intermittently pick up and put down... I could name some of the better ones, if anyone's interested...I just find that I can't stick with those too well as bedtime reading, even if they're well-done and/or info-packed.
3.) DParker - 01/08/2016
I have a Kindle with an Amazon "Kindle Unlimited" account, and lately I've been on a kick of using it to go back an reread some of the classic old sci-fi books I read when I was kid. Partly because I don't really remember them that well, but mostly as an exercise in seeing how ideas about the future have changed over the decades, and how far off their predictions about the nature and pace of technological development have been. Once great example comes from [I]The Mote in God's Eye[/I] (Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle). It takes place over 1,000 years in the future (AD 3017). Man has long been capable of practical faster-than-light interstellar travel and has been spreading an empire across the galaxy for quite some time. What I found amusing was that one of the recurring features of the technology of that distant future time is that everyone carries with them "pocket computers" that, at the time the book was published (1974) sound like a fantastic amount of computing capability in a pocket-sized device...but as described in the story sound no more powerful (and in fact, lacking in some ways) than the average "smart phone" of today.
4.) Bob Peck - 01/08/2016
Besides the Bible the only book I've read multiple times and re-reading again now is "Know Hunting: Truth, Lies, Myths" by Dr. David Samuel. If you're a hunter this is a must read. You will see yourself expressed in words none of us can come up with. Because it's also "slim" you can knock this out in a weekend or a binge one-day read.

I've just finished "America's Bitter Pill: Money, Politics, Backroom Deals, and the Fight to Fix Our Broken Healthcare System" by Steven Brill. Great book, well researched, excellent organization and writing skills but boy did it piss me off when I was done. One of those books where you scratch your head and say "maybe I didn't want to know all that".
5.) Wild Bob - 01/08/2016
"Know Hunting: Truth, Lies, Myths" by Dr. David Samuel. If you're a hunter this is a must read. - BP

I used to really enjoy reading David Samuel's articles back in the day in Bowhunter Magazine (before it...well, never mind, we'll stay away from that and I'll keep my opinion to myself regarding that publication). Anyhow, I'll have to pick up a copy of that book of his to read. I've had it in my hand a couple of times over the years and almost bought it; it sounds like I should.
6.) Swamp Fox - 01/08/2016
You are a low-conflict kinda dude, sir...

7.) crookedeye - 01/09/2016
i've been reading the book on "social behaviors and habits" of monster bucks~ written by Dr. William jekyll and his co- author Mr. Harold Hyde..

its a good read..
8.) Wild Bob - 01/09/2016
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;38048]You are a low-conflict kinda dude, sir...


I've found that taking that route keeps my BP down...:-)
9.) crookedeye - 01/09/2016
the thing that really intrige me about the book by Dr.Jekyll was the chapters on scrape hunting.. primary scrapes vs. secondary scrapes, and how to hunt these areas..
10.) Swamp Fox - 01/10/2016
Does he have anything to say about hunting by the moon, or anything?
11.) Swamp Fox - 01/10/2016
Science fiction is not my thing, but I think this was the book that made such an impression on me from when I was a kid that I went looking for it for this thread. It might be a kick to read it again.


I think there are a couple of Ray Bradbury titles I could revisit, as well. Including some of his non-sci-fi stuff.