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1.) Alex - 04/03/2016
Yesterday we were in the 60's and spent the day on the new tractor setting up and filling new raised beds.

Today we have 6-8" of new snow.. no dirt in sight and going into a 3 day below freezing cold snap.

LOL... go home Polar Vortex.. you're drunk.

Heres some pics from yesterday....

2.) Alex - 04/03/2016
and the difference today... LOL

3.) billy b - 04/03/2016
Nothing outworks a Deere, beautiful pics Alex now get to shoveling slacker:wink
4.) Jon - 04/04/2016
Pretty proud of the new green tractor ain't ya? Mr Pig didn't seem too impressed! You can have the snow
5.) Alex - 04/04/2016
Anyone that isnt happy with a brand new tractor aint someone I don't want know :P

Actually they were pics for the dealer on the day of delivery.

And yeah...we've gotten about 1 ft of snow from Saturday night till this morning.. and it's still coming down this morning.
Ahhhhh April.
6.) Swamp Fox - 04/04/2016
Nice pictures, Alex. Now you can get some work done and really clean up the place...LOL

We went from 73 (day) to 33 (last night, or really this morning) in two days. That's a little nippy for April, LOL, and it had been warmer Thurs and Friday. Got a little taste of what "in like a lion" means out on the lake Saturday and Sunday, too, but that's a story for another time...:wink

P.S. What do those chickens think they're gonna find scratching in snow up to their bellies? Optimists, huh?
7.) Alex - 04/04/2016
They were braving the wind and snow to trek to the barn where there's plenty of stuff to get at in the cow and pig stalls.
8.) billy b - 04/04/2016
Gonna be 80 here today, I bet there are a couple of big ol sow bass lurking about a hundred yards from here, I'll talk to youse later.:wink
9.) Swamp Fox - 04/04/2016
Go get 'em, Billy. I heard a bass story Saturday that just made me cry...or want to be adopted...LOL

Pull up on a point and put 25 elbees in the boat in five casts...Jeez...Just shoot me now...

10.) Swamp Fox - 04/04/2016
[QUOTE=Alex;40573]They were braving the wind and snow to trek to the barn where there's plenty of stuff to get at in the cow and pig stalls.

I was gonna say...The pigs know where to stay...LOL
11.) bluecat - 04/04/2016
Great pics Alex.
12.) Alex - 04/06/2016
3 new arrivals today.
3 week old Jerseys (2 3 week olds, and one 2 month old). All bulls for now. Will castrate them after they get settled in and the weather warms up.

Baby cows are so cute.

Just phone pics for now.. will get some better pics soon.
13.) billy b - 04/07/2016
Yuup, baby cows & baby dogs, they can steal your heart.
14.) Alex - 04/07/2016
Speaking of...
This young man is coming to live with us today on the farm.

His name is Dunkin and he's 6 months old. My labs are going to disown me lol.

15.) billy b - 04/07/2016
He'll find his place, everything will be fine, even better. Cute puppy.
16.) Swamp Fox - 04/07/2016
"What a good BOYYYY! Look who's a good boy!" :-)


Congrats on the new pup.
17.) DParker - 04/07/2016
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;40668]"What a good BOYYYY! Look who's a good boy!" :-)[/QUOTE]

Had a good date last night?
18.) Swamp Fox - 04/07/2016
Who doesn't like a pat on the head and a scratch behind the ears? ---LOL
19.) DParker - 04/07/2016
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;40672]Who doesn't like a pat on the head and a scratch behind the ears? ---LOL[/QUOTE]

Not to mention a good belly-rub.
20.) Jon - 04/07/2016
That first calf that took the selfie might have a thing for you commander, his eyes are all big and full of love
21.) billy b - 04/07/2016
looks like they definitely have a bond, I bet he gets to hang around a long time.
22.) Swamp Fox - 04/08/2016
[QUOTE=DParker;40673]Not to mention a good belly-rub.[/QUOTE]

That's my favorite!