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1.) Jon - 08/16/2016
My newest project is to get the deer access to fresh water for their health AND my hunting benefit. I found a feed trough that a local farmer used for his cows, made of galvanized framework and the tub is polycarbonate. I might paint the framework or just leave it the way it is.
I'll put it in my woods near my feeder and use the IBC tote to bring fresh water out to it every week or so keeping it from getting stagnant. The tote holds 275 gallons which I can easily strap to my carry all and fill the trough by backing up to it and simply opening the valve.
I'll give it a try and let you know how it works.

2.) Swamp Fox - 08/16/2016
Good idea. I definitely think deer congregate around water where it is scarce, even in non-drought conditions. I didn't used to think it was that big a deal for a long time, but it is.

Sounds like you already had the IBC tote? What did/do you use it for and where did you get a "clean" one (non-hazardous)? We're using one to make a septic system for our deer-cleaning/outdoor cooking area (we have a sink out there, along with the hose, which will come in handy for fish cleaning if we would ever hook it up). It comes donated from an aluminum canning plant that uses some nasty chemicals.

I'd think a clean one would come in very handy for a camp that doesn't have its own water if you could find a way to manage the weight and elevation, LOL.
3.) Jon - 08/16/2016
There are several places near-by that have once used IBC totes that had food products in them, sometimes vegetable oil or animal fat etc. The food grade ones are the ones you want, they have no seams and can be cleaned out easily. Local farmers have non-food grade that were used for chemicals. The farmers use them for pesticide storage and transportation to their pivot irrigation sprayers. I can get the once used food grade totes for $100-$130 and non-food grade for $80 for the 275gal and a little more for the 330gal.
I don't have one yet but will be picking one up this weekend.
4.) Swamp Fox - 08/16/2016
Cool. I didn't know about the seams. And the price is right. :tu:

I've been using an old vegetable oil drum (35 gallons, I'd say), but if I had a way to deal with something bigger, these are the way to go from what I can tell.
5.) Hunter - 08/16/2016
Jon, you could build a raised platform to put the tote on and run a pipe from it to the trough. Put a float on the trough and it will stay full for the deer.
6.) Swamp Fox - 08/16/2016
Build a covered trough to feed protein and put a high (secondary?) roof with gutters on it. (Or build a second elevated blind with gutters! LOL) Feed the gutters to fill a rain barrel or two or run a line directly to the tote. Then a line down from the barrels/tote to the trough with float...Depending on how many deer you have using and how much they drink, it could be a pretty long time between maintenance trips.

A project like a homemade self-maintaining or mostly self-maintaining watering system could get interesting. :-)

7.) Jon - 08/17/2016
If the woods wasn't directly behind my house, I'd build a roof with gutters that fed into the tote. Billy does that on his hunting properties, we talked about it just the other day.
8.) billy b - 08/17/2016
The red container is a float controlled barnyard water container from Tractor Supply, this stand has not been without water for over 13 years. It is in the feeder pen to prevent cattle from breaking it.


9.) DParker - 08/17/2016
[QUOTE=billy b;43184][URL=http://s218.photobucket.com/user/billybank/media/100_1159_1.jpg.html][/URL][/QUOTE]

Those prickly pears look like they're getting pretty close to being ripe. You don't let them go to waste, do you? Pureed they make an awesome margarita...and are just plain tasty in general.
10.) Swamp Fox - 08/17/2016
I think Billy prolly keeps his distance from prickly pears nowadays...LOL
11.) Swamp Fox - 08/17/2016
Some of this is probably stupid, but I'll ask anyway:

Explain that system, please. There must be a gutter on the far side that catches rain to flow to the tank? I think I see the down-spout. The barbed wire is to keep cattle and pigs away from the tin roofing and tank? (Which between shade and water must be pretty attractive, LOL)

is there any elevation there to run that on a gravity system, or do you use a pump?
12.) billy b - 08/17/2016
There is a gutter that carries the water to a down spout into the 400 gallon tank with a lid over it, where is a hose carries it about 3 feet downhill to a hose connection on the float controlled reservoir which holds about 3 gallons of water. That particular stand in in an area that is sparsely populated and it holds mostly bucks, when that pic was taken it was after a particular rainy spring & summer, normally it's a lot dryer than that pic shows.
13.) billy b - 08/17/2016
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;43191]I think Billy prolly keeps his distance from prickly pears nowadays...LOL[/QUOTE]
It's not possible to stay away from the cactus but let me say that BTBH (Jerry) is a great friend if you know what I mean.
14.) Swamp Fox - 08/17/2016
He would have to be...LOL.

Thanks for the clarification on the water system. I wasn't sure if there was enough grade there.
15.) Jon - 08/22/2016
I got the water trough in place and filled, deer haven't figured it out yet though.
16.) bluecat - 08/22/2016
That looks great!