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1.) Swamp Fox - 09/11/2016
KC and San Diego...Hell of a game...I won't spoil it if anyone was taping it...

Skol, Vikings!

Giants vs. Cowgirls up next...
2.) Swamp Fox - 09/11/2016

Terrance Williams...not even close!
3.) bow-fishhunter - 09/12/2016
how many more games do you think Minnesota will have Walsh?
4.) Swamp Fox - 09/12/2016
Not many. I'm proud that they stuck by him this far, but he's going to cost them, and everyone knows it.
5.) Swamp Fox - 09/12/2016
CE, I'd like to see your Cards show Tom Brady what's up...
6.) Swamp Fox - 09/12/2016
CE, I'd like to see your Cards show Tom Brady what's up...
7.) billy b - 09/12/2016
Cowboys should have won, receiver didn't go outa bounds & clock ran out.
8.) Jon - 09/12/2016
Only 4 players refused to stand for the NA. Looks like the Dolphins are on my boycott list. On 9/11 even. Serious POS'
9.) crookedeye - 09/12/2016
thats disgraceful..HS football players are starting to do the same thing..
10.) BULLZ-i - 09/12/2016

11.) crookedeye - 09/12/2016
12.) Swamp Fox - 09/12/2016
Okay, the narrator lost me fifty seconds in: "The colonies were enaged in vicious conflict with the mother country."

Not in 1814 they weren't, LOL.

There are a few more gems in there, but I don't want to kick a video when it's down. :dig:

Mona Rose's uploader comments:

[I]If you think the info is wrong, that's fine. Just please stop sending complaints to me. I'm just doing a favor for someone here.

[I]Comments are disabled for this video.

That sounds about right... I'm just commenting for a friend, too. Good job, Mona.:p

If I were handing out endorsement deals, I'd be yanking some, not because I love insincere displays of common respect, but because I dislike uninformed displays of political activism and self-aggrandizement. You really have to have something stuck up your ass to make 9/11 all about your personal crusade against the man.

If I were coaching athletes in school, a kid could do what he wanted --once--but then he would be researching and writing a 10-page paper on comparative political systems with his thumbs on his stupid smartphone while I ate Cheetos at the front of the room, read the complaints and wrote mocking replies in return.

A second offense would mean the whole team is doing two-a-days starting tomorrow, and watches [I]Band of Brothers[/I] in pink tu-tus in the cafeteria from 10 PM -1AM Friday and Saturday nights of Homecoming Weekend. A third offense and you're off the team and I take out an ad in the local newspaper asking embarrassing things about your mother and father, and questioning your ancestry.
13.) bluecat - 09/13/2016
Was fortunate enough to see [B]the[/B] flag at the Smithsonian last summer. Very moving. Very inspirational.
14.) bow-fishhunter - 09/13/2016
15.) Swamp Fox - 09/18/2016
16.) bow-fishhunter - 09/19/2016

17.) Swamp Fox - 09/19/2016
That was a great game...Nice to see the Vikes come up with a fumble, finally, and Waynes come up with something good for all his efforts, LOL.

It was also nice to watch a Minn-GB game for once without that nagging fear in the back of your head that tells you 1) the Vikings are going to blow it or 2) GB will pull some amazing stunt, or 3) both...:wink....I think the defense might be back! (Hear me, Waynes?)...Now to work on that pass protection...
18.) bow-fishhunter - 09/19/2016
I don't care if the Pack is has 3rd and 99 to go. I still think Rogers will pull some kind of shenanigans off against MN.
19.) Swamp Fox - 09/19/2016
LOL...So true. :-)
20.) DParker - 09/19/2016
That was definitely [I]not[/I] one of Rogers' better performances. And to think, I rushed a brisket ahead of schedule for that.
21.) Triton Rich - 09/20/2016
[B]As a Bears fan, I will have nothing to contribute to this discussion for at least a couple of years.....[/B]
22.) billy b - 09/20/2016
As a Cowboys fan I've been thru that for the last 2 years, maybe......just maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel......or it might be a train.:re:
23.) DParker - 09/20/2016
[QUOTE=billy b;44150]As a Cowboys fan I've been thru that for the last 2 years, maybe......just maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel......or it might be a train.:re:[/QUOTE]

Be honest Billy. With the way Prescott played against Washington...do you really care whether or not Romo ever comes back?
24.) bluecat - 09/20/2016
Tony is providing a service to thousands of medical and physiology students learning about all the different bones in the chest, back, neck and shoulders.
25.) Swamp Fox - 09/25/2016
Without violating the unspoken "no spoilers" rule of a live thread, let me just say the Vikings might have a rough time with the Panthers today...
26.) crookedeye - 09/25/2016
i'm looking forward to the race today..its a crucial day for the drivers..
27.) Swamp Fox - 09/25/2016
Why is that? Is today the day they throw some right turns in there? :pop:
28.) Swamp Fox - 09/25/2016
Olsen fumbled there at the end, but nobody at NFL Corporate knows what a catch is anymore, so what the hell...
29.) Swamp Fox - 09/25/2016

How did Green-Beckham not hold on to that?

Mickey Mouse call on Tuitt for roughing the passer.

NFL better straighten out the officiating, or they'll lose even more viewers...
30.) bow-fishhunter - 09/26/2016
31.) Swamp Fox - 09/26/2016
Cam didn't want to be there, did he? I couldn't hear what the last question was, but I think Cam said "Everything's great." LOL

I go back and forth on how much I like him and how much I dislike him, but I'll give him points for the hat...LOL...:-)
32.) Swamp Fox - 09/26/2016
[QUOTE=Triton Rich;44100][B]As a Bears fan, I will have nothing to contribute to this discussion for at least a couple of years.....[/B][/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=billy b;44150]As a Cowboys fan I've been thru that for the last 2 years, maybe......just maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel......or it might be a train.:re:[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=DParker;44151]Be honest Billy. With the way Prescott played against Washington...do you really care whether or not Romo ever comes back?[/QUOTE]

Don't anybody spoil it for me because I couldn't watch the whole game last night and I'll bet I screwed up and didn't DVR it--if not, I'll try to catch the Replay---but both the Bears and the Cowboys looked decent last night...At least against each other...LOL
33.) Swamp Fox - 09/27/2016
I just got out of the DirecTV Vindaloop...DTV eliminated my capability of watching NFL HD Shortcuts (condensed replays) without streaming, and without telling me...Then they couldn't figure out NFL Game Pass or NFL On-Demand...It's sad when somebody like me knows more about what's on their own website and receivers than they do...I might give more details when my blood pressure drops.

Don't even get me started on "Richard" from Bangalore...
34.) Swamp Fox - 09/27/2016
Oh, yeah...If I want to stream to something other than a tiny screen on a phone or tablet or laptop, I can pay $49 for a service call for a new receiver so I can stream it to my TV...A few questions from me...No extra costs if we're replacing a receiver...But you're not taking my old Genie back to the office with you?... No...So you're not replacing it, but no extra costs?...No... You mean correct, right? Yes, just $49...Some more back and forth...New question about why channel 1701 isn't showing up...Some skepticism from the person who doesn't know my own receiver...Yes, it says it should be available, according to your website...Well, I'll have to get you over to technical support... Okay....So would you like to get a new receiver for $149 plus the $49 installation fee so you can watch what you used to watch for the last few years without that cost?...Wait, what?---I thought you said it was just $49 and no extra fees....

And it went downhill from there...:omg:

And that was BEFORE I got connected to "Richard"...
35.) bluecat - 09/27/2016
We just recently got Direct TV because we are out in the sticks now. Now I have a thousand channels, but still watch the same 4 channels I always did. Now it just takes longer to get to them.

But, I know how to handle crepey skin and a whole host of maladies, jewelry etc. What a crock.
36.) Swamp Fox - 09/27/2016
The decline in customer service and my satisfaction is directly traceable to AT&T taking the helm. I always gave DTV an A before that.

Dish doesn't have the NFL Channel and probably some other stuff, and I wouldn't use Time Warner Cable for anything more than I do (internet service) even if they did have NFLC. But now that AT&T has DirecTV, I can't bring myself to even talk to them about my internet business. Before the buy-out, there was at least a possibility (once DTV got the capability to provide internet here, finally, that is).
37.) bluecat - 09/27/2016
Rabbit ears and aluminum foil is looking better and better these days. I can use the money for something useful.
38.) Swamp Fox - 09/27/2016
I told myself way back I'd never pay for TV, but when they went digital I got zero reception even though my house is practically right under the damn TV tower.

Now I basically break out in hives if I'm limited to free TV. I might go back to it at some point when I'm nearly dead, or if hell frees over and the market changes drastically, but right now she's put a spell on me...


39.) bluecat - 09/27/2016
LOL! She ain't got no time for that.
40.) Swamp Fox - 10/16/2016
Does Romo have a starting position when he comes back? How about next year?
41.) crookedeye - 10/16/2016
the cowboys are the team to beat this year...besides kevin harvick
42.) Swamp Fox - 10/16/2016
I know the DParker family can't be happy now...To say nothing of 1Adam12 and the other cheeseheads who used to be on here...LOL
43.) crookedeye - 10/16/2016
them were the good ole days..
44.) Swamp Fox - 10/16/2016
I blame Luv2 for running off that guy who liked to bait...I'm trying to remember his name...I almost have it...But after one of them called off the engagement--I don't remember the details---everything went to hell...

JC Wisconsin...That was it!---:grin:

45.) DParker - 10/17/2016
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;44853]I know the DParker family can't be happy now...[/QUOTE]

The wife and kids weren't thrilled, though they were able to write it off as a noble sacrifice given that we watched the game at my daughter's house for her husband's birthday get-together(he's a rabid Cowboy fan). I played the role of Switzerland, not caring one way or tbe otber...though I did enjoy watching Romo stand on the sidelines with that "maybe retirement won't be that Bad" look on his face. Then again, I have faith in Jerry Jones' ability to step in and make the bone-headed move of trying to fix what ain't broke.
46.) wallop85 - 10/19/2016
It has been a rough season for the Pack...saw numbers of Rodgers compared to Manziel...ouch. I mean they are devastating...
47.) bluecat - 10/19/2016
[QUOTE=wallop85;44966]It has been a rough season for the Pack...saw numbers of Rodgers compared to Manziel...ouch. I mean they are devastating...[/QUOTE]

What numbers? Number of arrests and domestic violence charges?
48.) bow-fishhunter - 10/23/2016
The Vikings must have lost a few brain cells on their bye week!
49.) wallop85 - 10/24/2016
[QUOTE=bluecat;44971]What numbers? Number of arrests and domestic violence charges?[/QUOTE]

This is what I saw...[ATTACH]547[/ATTACH]
50.) DParker - 10/24/2016
[QUOTE=wallop85;45034]This is what I saw...[ATTACH]547[/ATTACH][/QUOTE]

That's an excerpt of a small slice of last season, not this season (especially obvious given that Manziel isn't even in the NFL anymore).
51.) Swamp Fox - 10/27/2016
Rodgers looked a little better this past week, didn't he? He/they will claw their way back.

The Vikes...Yikes!...

How about the Cardinals?...That was a hell of a game. If I were Crookedeye, I might not be recovered from that one yet.
52.) Swamp Fox - 11/14/2016
I have the Seahawks tonight.

What are the odds they run any bizarre goal-line plays?
53.) BULLZ-i - 11/14/2016
54.) Swamp Fox - 11/15/2016
LOL...I had to check myself and make sure I remembered my history correctly when Brady fumbled...Great game.
55.) Swamp Fox - 12/12/2016
I haven't said it in a while, so here goes:


Crookedeye, what happened to the Cardinals this year?

I have the Giants upsetting Dallas tonight...
56.) billy b - 12/12/2016
So you're the reason, ahole.
57.) Swamp Fox - 12/12/2016
Hey, at least I didn't come on here after the game and gloat, LOL.
58.) Swamp Fox - 01/01/2017
Saints' Fleener just got ripped off for a touchdown against Atlanta because of the "control of the ball" rule: for pinning the ball to his thigh with his wrist as he was going to the ground out of bounds. At no time did he lose the ball, it wasn't being bobbled, and it never touched the ground.

NFL has to fix this stupidity about what's a catch/ fumble/incomplete or people are going to stop watching. The calls defy common sense and the commentators on-air won't dispute even the obviously incoherent ones.

The other possibility is that the calls are being mis-explained, but that's only a sometimes thing. Everybody completely blew it on this one. Except for Fleener and the Saints.

Well, okay, the Falcons aren't to blame either.

Nor the cheerleaders...
59.) DParker - 01/01/2017
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;46344]Well, okay, the Falcons aren't to blame either.

Nor the cheerleaders...[/QUOTE]

NOT guilty!

60.) Swamp Fox - 01/01/2017
Rah, rah, Sis Boom Bah!


Suggestion for NFL: Let cheerleaders vote on these plays. They'd have to be better than the zebras.

Tie decisions result in inter-squad chicken fight in big vat of knee-high jello, mid-field. No commercial interruptions.
61.) Swamp Fox - 01/02/2017
Just throwin' out some ideas here...
62.) Swamp Fox - 01/22/2017
Not sure who I'm pulling for today. I don't like the Patriots or the Steelers, although I like to watch a few of their individual players. I'm just not a AFC guy, and these are two of the most AFC-y teams I can think of. :groan:

The Packers-Falcons game is much more interesting to me. Even as a Vikings fan, I have to admit Green Bay is fun to watch. But I have some loyalty to the Falcons, even though Atlanta is pretty much the worst place on earth. Although maybe we can come up with some others that give it a run for the title...

I hate to say it (:wink) but I think my support in each game will come down to who has the better cheerleaders, as it often does.

Let the speculation begin...
63.) crookedeye - 01/22/2017
i like atlanta vs pitt or alanta and new england in the superbowl..plus lady ga ga will have the performance of her life...
64.) Triton Rich - 01/22/2017
[B]My favorite team having been on the wrong side of many lopsided games and having to listen to mouthy Packers fans chirping about it makes Green Bay getting absolutely demolished today quite satisfying! :beer:[/B]
65.) Swamp Fox - 01/22/2017

It's only a five-score game with 11 minutes to go...I'm saying there's still a chance...:wink
66.) Swamp Fox - 01/22/2017
Or maybe a four-score game, depending on how likely it is you convert two-point PATs...LOL
67.) DParker - 01/22/2017
There is much sadness in my house.
68.) Swamp Fox - 01/22/2017
Rodgers gets called for a facemask...Gives the defender a bump going away...LOL...Gotta love it. :grin:
69.) Swamp Fox - 01/22/2017
[QUOTE=DParker;46790]There is much sadness in my house.[/QUOTE]

Should have gone with the chicken gizzards, huh?