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1.) crookedeye - 09/12/2016
what were some of the best scents that actually worked for you.
2.) crookedeye - 09/12/2016
and please no hyjacking...
3.) bluecat - 09/12/2016
CrookedEye you're amazing. You're all hopped up on Nyquil again aren't you?
4.) Swamp Fox - 09/12/2016
I haven't been using much scent the last few years, so I'm, interested in what's current as well. A few of my old favorites aren't made anymore or are hard to find. Jackie's comes to mind, and I'll have to find an old bottle to get the exact name of another.

If I'm in Walmart looking for just anything, I don't have any lack of confidence in the Wildlife Research stuff and I've used their straight doe pee more than anyone else's, a pretty good amount of Golden Estrus.

Special Golden Estrus®
Golden Estrus Xtreme®
Golden Scrape®
Golden Doe®
Golden Buck®
Trail’s End® #307®
Doe in Estrus™
#1 Select Estrus®
Mega-Tarsal Plus®
Select Doe Urine™
5.) crookedeye - 09/12/2016
just answer the question..there no reason to talk about hillary..
6.) bluecat - 09/12/2016
I bought those scent wafers last year and really like them. Easy to put up and no mess. I think they were HS Doe in Heat.
7.) crookedeye - 09/12/2016
the golden estrus.. ok keep them coming...plus no smart ass remarks either..
8.) crookedeye - 09/12/2016
i bought two bottles of interdigatal gland scent..that stuff works good..
9.) bluecat - 09/12/2016
Be honest CrookedEye, did you put a little dab behind your ear?
10.) bluecat - 09/12/2016
A little dab on your wrist?
11.) bluecat - 09/12/2016
Then spritz the air and walk through it?
12.) crookedeye - 09/12/2016
i put it between my toes
13.) Swamp Fox - 09/12/2016
[QUOTE=crookedeye;43821]i put it between my toes[/QUOTE]


What did you have for breakfast this morning?

And what is the girl who talks to you through your phone wearing?

I've had pretty good luck early with various interdigital scents. Not sure I've found a favorite, or a favorite way of dispensing it with no fuss.

I've used Evercalm a little, with mixed results.

I've used some gels from James Valley, and if they weren't so messy and inconvenient (glass jars with no brush or anything to dispense, at least last time I checked) I'd use them again.

I'll have to go look up an artificial forehead gland I used for a couple of years.
14.) crookedeye - 09/12/2016
am i'm coming off wrong?? just because i can play tennis and jon cant doesnt make me any better than the rest of you..i do feel a little friskie the last couple days..
15.) Swamp Fox - 09/12/2016

16.) crookedeye - 09/12/2016
back when i was in vietnam i never was question about this are that...
17.) Swamp Fox - 09/12/2016
Still in Saigon?

18.) DParker - 09/12/2016
19.) crookedeye - 09/12/2016
20.) crookedeye - 09/12/2016
so you guys would rather talk about hillarys coughing incedents than my forehead gland scent..
21.) BULLZ-i - 09/12/2016
22.) Swamp Fox - 09/12/2016
You have a forehead gland scent?

How much?

23.) crookedeye - 09/12/2016
24.) DropzOfWild - 10/28/2016
I need the magic scent that I can add to a natural scrape that won't booger up deer! As far as scents I haven't used any other than the wind pro mock scrape maker
and worked pretty last two year
25.) DParker - 10/28/2016
[QUOTE=DropzOfWild;45062]I need the magic scent that I can add to a natural scrape that won't booger up deer! As far as scents I haven't used any other than the wind pro mock scrape maker
and worked pretty last two year[/QUOTE]

That's easy . Just invite Jon over and buy him a beer.