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1.) Swamp Fox - 12/14/2016
I know what you're thinking, but I'm talking about deer mounts this time...

I realize that might be too limiting for our little band, so we won't enforce any strict rules if you know of a cool turkey or bear mount (etc.) that you can't resist posting.

But I'm especially interested in unique skull plate mounts, so if you know of or come across something noteworthy in that area, please pass it along.
2.) Jon - 12/14/2016
By skull plate mounts, are you meaning Euro mounts?
3.) DParker - 12/14/2016
[QUOTE=Jon;46031]By skull plate mounts, are you meaning Euro mounts?[/QUOTE]

Or an African mount? You have to know these things when you're a king.
4.) Jon - 12/14/2016
He's speaking in code I believe
5.) Swamp Fox - 12/14/2016

No, just the plate. Although I'm always interested in seeing neat euro mounts.

I'm sure I'm missing something (LOL) but I THINK the only two variables for either kind of mount are what you treat or cover the bone with (if anything) and what you mount it on. I just haven't ever seen much that trips my trigger for skull plates. The closest I've come to something better than average is a two-tone leather weave of 1/2 inch leather strips (crosshatched) covering the plate, and then mounted on a generic plaque. A little clunky, but at least someone tried... A latigo weave might look pretty good--maybe a little odd--- but I've never seen one.

Maybe a painted or dipped plate. Or scrimshaw, if that's possible on skull bone and you could find someone to do a decent job. Maybe get one of those sketch artists who do caricatures of people at the flea market or the mall to do a cartoon on a plate. LOL. That actually might be my best idea so far. :duh:

6.) bluecat - 12/14/2016

I'm a firm believer that mounts should have personality.
7.) Swamp Fox - 12/14/2016

Hijack to "Bad Taxidermy" in 5, 4, 3, 2...

8.) Jon - 12/14/2016
So, you're looking for skull cap mount ideas, not a full skull, just where someone has cut the skull cap and antlers and made a mount?
9.) Swamp Fox - 12/14/2016
Correct, Jon, although I'll take full skull ideas, too.
10.) Swamp Fox - 12/15/2016
I came across this last night. At first quick glance, I thought it might be the badger formerly known as Prince, and then I remembered I'm not that good at animal skull identification, number one, and number two, that's not the symbol Prince used.

It's drawn, not scrimshawed.

A few more by the same guy:

I did find a picture of a roe deer skull cap or plate with a wolf's face on it (didn't try to figure out how it was done) but that might have been the only cap I saw with any type of design. Lots more full skulls with stuff done to them.
11.) Swamp Fox - 12/15/2016
Country Boy Version (down and dirty)

Artist Version (detailed)

12.) Swamp Fox - 12/15/2016
I have some chewed up sheds I'd like to use in something like this mount/diorama, but my guy ain't cheap to mount a squirrel. Been there, done that. Maybe I'll splurge again if I get one with nasty, big, pointy teeth...

13.) BULLZ-i - 12/16/2016


14.) Swamp Fox - 12/16/2016
Ha! I saw a mount like that earlier tonight for the first time. Thought it was really cool, but didn't look into it.

How is that done?
15.) Swamp Fox - 12/16/2016
Oops...Didn't see the link....Reading...
16.) Swamp Fox - 12/16/2016
Ha! That's genius.

The other thing I like is the skeleton wall mount for Europeans. I think I saw an ad for it a couple of years ago and wasn't that excited, but noticed it again recently and warmed up to it as something different.

It's basically a wall mount on a swinging arm hidden in what looks like neck vertebrae. You pop your euro skull on the end of it and it looks like the skeletonized animal, rather than a hide-and-hair shoulder mount.
17.) Swamp Fox - 12/16/2016
This is the dipped mount that made me look twice today...

18.) DParker - 12/16/2016
Oh, great...like deer aren't hard enough to find as it is. Now some nerdy geneticist is going to get a bright idea.
19.) BULLZ-i - 12/16/2016

20.) Swamp Fox - 12/16/2016
I remember (now) that you mentioned that kit. Thanks for reminding me.

This is the skeleton mount I mentioned above. Maybe by now they have adjusted the color to something a little more bony (as he mentions they're working on, toward the end).

21.) Swamp Fox - 12/16/2016
[QUOTE=DParker;46068]Oh, great...like deer aren't hard enough to find as it is. Now some nerdy geneticist is going to get a bright idea.[/QUOTE]

It would be pretty cool to use one of those camo deer in a display that puts brush or saplings or reeds in front, but-- "Ooops!"--- part of the big ol' rack is sticking out up top: "Busted!"

Make your guests think a second "Where's the deer it's connected to?" LOL.
22.) Swamp Fox - 12/16/2016
To BZ or anyone else who's used the Mountain Mike's system:

I've read some stuff about getting the antler spread right, but not enough to really know what the deal is.

Say you have a rack that's attached to the skull plate. Do you have to remove the antlers from the plate and then do some trimming of either the mount or the antlers? How easy is it to get the right spread (or anything else) in a one-person job?

There's a part I've seen on-line that obviously requires antlers to be removed from the plate, but I don't know if that's a standard part of the kit or just an option for sheds.

I saw something else for a rack mount last night that was very inexpensive, simple and flexible. It might be of interest to folks who want something interchangeable and no-fuss.