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1.) Swamp Fox - 01/19/2017
I have no opinion on these yet and I haven't even seen them in person.

I just started noticing ads for them a few months ago and thought I'd post here since this sub-forum seems pretty desolate.

Word of the day: [I]desolate[/I].


This is a good review, and there is video at the link, which I haven't watched.


2.) bluecat - 01/19/2017
Watched the video. Doesn't come out and grab me as of yet. Based on his groupings, doesn't look like a breakthrough.
3.) DParker - 01/20/2017
OK, so after watching the video (which I think did a very poor job of actually demonstrating the use of the product itself, and focused too much on installation...which is not much different from that of any other rear sight), reading the review and taking a night to sleep on it...I've concluded that the following make me not want to stake my life on this particular innovation:

[*]"It performs much better outdoors than indoors." - That's not something I want to hear about a personal protection tool that I might have to rely on in my home at o'dark thirty.
[*]"The FT Bullseye retails for around $200." - Self-explanatory.
[*]"...ambient light from reflecting off the rear glass, which can wash out the sight." - Also self-explanatory.
[*]My eyes' ability to focus at close-range (inside 2'-3') has degraded to the point that I'm pretty sure I would have a hard time telling when the dot is inside the circle, especially given that both are the same color. I've contemplated replacing the stock sights on my M&P with tritium versions, but if I do I will definitely want contrasting colors on the front and rear sights. (Say, green on one and orange for the other.)

I will give points for the outside-the-box thinking though.
4.) bluecat - 01/20/2017
I agree it didn't really explain how it works which I would think would be important in advertising...