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1.) Swamp Fox - 01/19/2017
I saw the bogus stat that never dies regarding school shootings again yesterday, this time used on lefty echo media against Trump's Education Sect'y nominee.

So I thought I'd point out the next pile of garbage my Magic 8 Ball tells me you might be reading and hearing about in the near future, though I doubt this mess can create quite the same buzz as hysteria over "school shootings."

Look for it to come up, though, in the soon-to-emerge "national conversations" about why you shouldn't be able to fly with checked firearms or have your CC permit recognized no matter where in the "United States" you go.

[QUOTE]The grim truth is that concealed-carry permit holders are rarely involved in stopping crime. But people with permits have been responsible for more than 900 deaths that did not involve self-defense over the last decade, according to the Violence Policy Center. Among these were more than 29 mass shootings, bringing carnage and tragedy like that which Fort Lauderdale witnessed last week.


[QUOTE]Counting legitimate cases of self-defense as unlawful homicide — sometimes three or four times — is clearly not legitimate. And almost another third of these cases are suicides that clearly can’t be justifiably included. If gun-control advocates’ claims, such as those by the New York Times, were on solid ground, they wouldn’t need to make up numbers.

Read more at: [url]http://www.nationalreview.com/article/443981/new-york-times-concealed-handgun-crime-numbers-are-bogus[/url]
2.) DParker - 01/19/2017
[QUOTE]...according to the Violence Policy Center.[/QUOTE]

Citing either the VPC or the Brady Campaign as a credible source of information is just about the best way I can imagine to instantaneously discredit yourself.
3.) Swamp Fox - 01/19/2017
Lately, working in news or talk media seems a good way to do that, too.

And not just at the NYT, WaPo and BuzzFeed, either...LOL
4.) DParker - 01/19/2017
True 'dat.