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1.) Swamp Fox - 02/24/2017
This may have been all over Facebook, I don't know, 'cause...you know...Facebook...

Anyway, sorry if this is old news from two weeks ago, but I just caught it this morning.


2.) bluecat - 02/24/2017
Cool story and thanks for posting.

I once was quail hunting with my dad and we came across a doe that was caught in a fence. She was so exhausted that she let us walk up to her and unhook her. She was so tired she just layed down and let us look her over. I was with my golden retriever at the time and she seemed to understand the situation and just watched the whole thing unfold. After several minutes it was apparent she needed to rest, so I covered her up with grass (I thought it might conceal her better) and we walked on. It's something I'll never forget and it was a neat bonding moment for everyone.

I'm sure the deer was fine and was able to leave after she had regained her strength.
3.) DParker - 02/24/2017
Great, rub in the fact that some guys see more and better deer in lakes than I see in the woods.
4.) bluecat - 02/24/2017
LOL! Yeah, that deer was pretty nice. I would go with a steel leader on that one.

The neat thing is that most people/hunters I know would have done the same thing to save that deer.
5.) Swamp Fox - 02/24/2017
Yeah, you'd hope deer in these kind of stories are okay. You hear about how fragile deer are under stress, though, too. I don't think they're quite as bad as baby rabbits but any time the subject of capturing, tranquilizing or transporting deer comes up, it's usually mentioned how poorly deer handle it.

I'd be interested to know if anyone has a method for any of that which seems to work better than whatever biologists/animal control/game managers are doing in the situations that prompt these warnings.

Speaking of all this, have you noticed NYC mayor Bill de Blasio, on top of all his other failings, is also a menace to animals? Death toll so far: a weather-predicting woodchuck, a lonely deer, and now a exploratious bull.

When will PETA get involved and call for the election of a progtard who isn't fatal?

6.) Jon - 02/24/2017
Awesome story. I had a not so awesome story when I lived up in mass. I had a cottage house on Lake Paradise, located in Monson Mass. The lake was frozen but the thaw was happening and on my way to work one morning , saw a deer struggling in the water after breaking through the ice. I got one of the summer camp canoes that were laying upside down on shore and with the help of another man, we pushed out to the deer. We were able to wrangle the damn thing after being kicked and snotted on and got her up on the solid ice. By this time, several kids waiting for the school bus as well as other adults were watching. The deer shook itself off, walked to shore and keeled over right in front of everyone. People were crying, kids were all upset. it was sad, I admit but that's nature and only the strong survive.
7.) Swamp Fox - 02/24/2017
Huh. Very cool, Jon. That must have been a struggle.