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1.) Swamp Fox - 03/23/2017
Here's a question: (Okay, two questions)

The forum doesn't seem to refresh the way it used to. I have a 60-second refresh and over the last few days noticed that I have to manually refresh after much longer times than that to see new posts. Also, if I put up a new post, it doesn't seem to appear in the right-hand column as quickly as it used to, or I might have to do a manual refresh to see those, as well.

I've switched to doing most of my browsing on Chrome lately, if that matters.

Also: Didn't there used to be a special sub-forum for this type of post? The Site News forum, which I thought was the one I was looking for, doesn't allow new topics from lil ol me at this point, if it ever did.

Maybe I am just overlooking the right category.
2.) bluecat - 03/23/2017
Do you click Auto Refresh menu at the top and then set the time for your 'refreshments'? :-)
3.) bluecat - 03/23/2017
I think the Russians may have control of your computer Swampy.
4.) Swamp Fox - 03/23/2017
In Mother Russia, forums refresh YOU...

(I don't know why those jokes are so popular...LOL)

But to answer your question...:wink...

Yes, that's how I know I have a 60-second reset. But I clicked on it again to select 60 seconds once more, just in case.
5.) bluecat - 03/23/2017
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;47889]just in case.[/QUOTE]

It's the only way to be sure. :wink
6.) bluecat - 03/23/2017
7.) Swamp Fox - 03/23/2017
LOL...I figure it's like the button for the elevator...It'll get here faster if I keep mashing it...
8.) bluecat - 03/23/2017
I understand. Most of our posts are time sensitive and mission critical.
9.) Swamp Fox - 03/23/2017
I think it's the dopamine hit I crave...Because the rat treats I was promised still seem to be in the mail...

10.) Swamp Fox - 03/23/2017
If somebody knows how to get that to embed, clue me in...LOL
11.) bluecat - 03/23/2017
12.) bluecat - 03/23/2017
Technical, I know I saw a rat hanging on the rim.
13.) Swamp Fox - 03/23/2017
Somebody needs to coach up that white rat...I think he stole the ball from his own teammate...
14.) Swamp Fox - 03/23/2017
BTW, I stepped away for a bit and came back and the screen had one of my posts as the last post (right-hand column) at "11 minutes ago."

I clicked manual refresh and the screen came up with Bluecat at the top---"last post: 35 minutes ago."

So my auto-refresh is definitely not working and I am definitely not imagining this...LOL
15.) bluecat - 03/23/2017
I'll see if I experience the same thing.
16.) Swamp Fox - 03/23/2017
I notice timing out vs. showing still logged in seems a little hinky too, lately, so make sure you design your study to take into account all the variables, as well as the inevitable screw-up from the big-breasted lab assistant...
17.) bluecat - 03/23/2017
When the forum tab is open, the threads by the users on the right-hand side are not being updated as you mentioned.
18.) Swamp Fox - 03/23/2017
Okay. I feel vindicated...somewhat...I feel somewhat vindicated...This can't be good for site traffic...Fake news...Just ask the failing NY Times...
19.) bluecat - 03/23/2017
Fake news bad. Fake boobs good.
20.) Swamp Fox - 03/23/2017
Since "Report Thread" seems to be just for reporting bad behavior, I'll just yell, "Hey, Alex!" and hope he sees this.

21.) bluecat - 03/23/2017
As a programmer, I'm more surprised when things work as to when they don't.
22.) Swamp Fox - 03/23/2017
Man, if I'd known you were a programmer I would have asked this a long time ago: See if you can get [I]NFL Sunday Ticket[/I] on some provider other than DTV for us...

Also, if you could bring back reruns [I]McHales's Navy,[/I] that would be great...

23.) bluecat - 03/23/2017
I can't even program my watch correctly and now I'm supposed to pipe in McHales Navy...that [B]would[/B] be great.
24.) Swamp Fox - 03/23/2017
You have a Casio too, huh?
25.) bluecat - 03/23/2017
26.) DParker - 03/23/2017
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;47907]Man, if I'd known you were a programmer I would have asked this a long time ago: See if you can get [I]NFL Sunday Ticket[/I] on some provider other than DTV for us...

Also, if you could bring back reruns [I]McHales's Navy,[/I] that would be great...