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1.) Alex - 03/31/2013
BFC & HC have suspended our advertising for a day of respect for these two boys lost at this year's Toughman tournament..
ALWAYS be careful out there everyone. Nothing as good as being on the water - cept maybe coming home each time.

2.) Deerminator - 04/01/2013

What happened
3.) Triton Rich - 04/01/2013
[B]Very sorry to hear about this. It should serve as a reminder to all of us that our outdoor pursuits do carry some risk. When we head out to the woods and waters, we owe it to our loved ones to be as safe as possible. :pray:[/B]
4.) Alex - 04/01/2013
A member of BFC and his team capsized their boat Saturday night. He and his brother were rescued from the water. 2 other members of his team were not. They both drowned, one pinned under the boat.

Both boys that drowned were 22, & 23. One leaves a 3 month old girl behind.

The family is not sure how they will fund funeral arrangements and a fund has been created.

Sad state of affairs as we have all been in iffy situations at night on the water.
They died on Easter morning in 46 degree water.
5.) Go Bucks - 04/01/2013
oh no. sickened to hear that.. :pray:
6.) hoyt_em - 04/01/2013
Sad, sad news...
7.) Alex - 04/01/2013
I just posted this on my facebook.

Just made a sizable donation. Nothing seems adequate though :-( Especially when you read about donations for the little girl.

[COLOR=#333333][FONT=lucida grande]As most of you know there was a tragic accident this weekend at a bowfishing tournament in Indiana. Team Night Reapers boat capsized. Two of them made it back to land and the other two were found the next day in the water. These boys were in their early 20s and taken way too young. Ryan had a 3 month old baby boy and was getting married next year. Matt was a joker and they both loved bowfishing. Someone has contacted both of their families and have let them know that they hav[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#333333][FONT=lucida grande]e a huge bowfishing community praying for them.

Many of you have asked about donating money and sending flowers, cards, baby items, etc to their families in their time of need. There is a paypal account for donations. It is [email]matt_ryan_donations@yahoo.com[/email]. We have just made a donation and more is on the way.

If you would like to send flowers, cards, or baby items their address is below.

Matt Buroker c/o Tracey Buroker
1800 S Taft Ave
Evansville IN 47714

Ryan Dowdell c/o Samantha Smith
1080 N Cato Highbanks Rd
Winslow IN 47598
(Baby Easton is in size 3/6 month clothes, size 2 diapers and is eating Gerber Good Start Gentle formula)[/FONT][/COLOR]
8.) OKY - 04/01/2013
Dang, Evansville is right across the river from me. So sad to hear about this.
9.) Pa bowhunter - 04/02/2013
10.) String Twister - 04/03/2013
11.) Leighton - 04/03/2013
Our prayers go out to the families .:pray:
12.) Leighton - 04/03/2013
Tried to make a donation but keep getting this message from paypal

Email Address: Please enter a valid address in the format [email]name@domain.com[/email].

I have double checked the address that that Alex posted , I even cut and pasted it into the paypal address spot but it will not except it .
Any suggestions ?
13.) Alex - 04/04/2013
Yeah that's odd Leighton. There have been tons of donations using the email.
You can use my paypal and I will funnel it over and cover the paypal fees too.


:-) Thanks.
14.) Leighton - 04/04/2013
Thanks Alex , Have sent it to your paypal .:tu:
15.) Alex - 04/05/2013
Thanks Leighton, your donation has been forwarded on.

As i understand it we have managed to raise somewhere around $12,000 and climbing.
Great bunch of people that's for damn sure.