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1.) Swamp Fox - 06/13/2017
Throw in ladder stands if you want to...

Use this thread to discuss elevated hunting from hides that are not traditional treestands.

A while back I was wondering if anyone made something that could qualify as an affordable, non-permanent hunting platform, to accommodate bowhunters who couldn't, wouldn't or shouldn't climb trees.

The short answer seemed to be "No" until I stumbled upon this recently. It's a ground blind for which you can buy an 11-foot tall platform if you wish. I haven't had time to look at how the platform anchors or if there's any possibility of moving it without recruiting a small army to help, but it beats the money a lot of other hard-sided set-ups would require. I also haven't looked at the blind itself, but I'd be interested to know why they chose to lose all that floor space with their design.

I think it might have some promise in the right situation. Of course, I'd like to see it on a taller taller platform and I suspect the platform's not too beefy. Would like to observe the whole shindig in a wind...LOL

Has anyone seen it, or do you have anything similar to share?

Post up your home brews or any other box blinds you think are interesting.

2.) bluecat - 06/13/2017
I climbed into one many years ago to see what it was like. I promptly climbed right back down.
3.) Swamp Fox - 06/13/2017
I know several people who have gone over in tower stands and several who won't get in one unless they're "quads" (four legs). Climbing into tripods is against their religion. LOL.

I hear of at least one metal tower hitting the ground every year when we have big storms.

Sometimes it's a tree that takes them down (lightning, wind), and sometimes they just tip over in high wind even though they're anchored. I've kinda decided if a stand uses a chain for an anchor, it needs three, not just the usual one.

One of the best stands I ever saw in terms of location was a tripod that had to be be close to 25 feet tall. It was old and rickety, and it wasn't built like a tank to begin with, so I never climbed it, but from the ground it looked like more than 20, anyway. I don't know that anybody sells such a tall tower today. If someone did, I imagine it would be massive. This one was doing the shimmy three steps up, so I got my butt back down on the ground right quick. The little squirrel who set the thing up still used it until a few years ago. He's in his 70s now, but I guess he'd had enough. LOL.
4.) bluecat - 06/13/2017
Being nestled and hidden in a tree has rewards all it's own. I don't feel like I'm at the top of an observation tower.
5.) Swamp Fox - 06/13/2017
That's true.

Ever get the urge to ride the school bus again, though?

This guy replaced the piddly little camper his dad put up there with this:

6.) DParker - 06/13/2017
I've hunted from elevated box blinds a couple of times. It's OK. Though all-in-all I think I still prefer just camping out on a chair on the ground near a tree with some brush around me.