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1.) Swamp Fox - 06/30/2017
If we stick to a mid-August opener, which I would like to for various reasons, we should get cracking on this. I wonder if someone else wants to take a shot at organizing it and see if they can put a little more oomph in the effort than I feel I can, or at least shake things up around here.

FWIW, I don't know that I'll get much hunting time this year, which has been a pattern lately. It might be better to put somebody else in the game just for that alone.

Enter your comments in the box below.

[COLOR="#FF0000"][Edit: Since I finally got off my butt and started a sign-up thread here


this one is now officially our traditional fun-filled pre-thread. Use the link above to sign up. This thread is to let you be you.][/COLOR]
2.) bluecat - 06/30/2017
I see what this is about. You want a raise don't you?
3.) Swamp Fox - 06/30/2017
Would you believe "I want to spend more time with my family?"
4.) bluecat - 06/30/2017
No, unless you mean spending more time feeding cats and researching tree stands.
5.) Swamp Fox - 06/30/2017
Drat! Can't get anything past you fellas.

You realize that if I stay, I feel I have no choice but to go Full Trump on the proceedings in order to generate better ratings, right?
6.) bluecat - 06/30/2017
I wouldn't expect anything less.
7.) Swamp Fox - 06/30/2017
Alright then. Without committing to not bailing on this whole thing when Happy Hour wears off, I feel a sense of obligation to call for sign-ups at this point, and open the floor to discussion about the rules, dress code and "No Ladies Beyond The Lobby" policy.

Commence your jaw-jacking below.
8.) bluecat - 06/30/2017
Have the rules ever really changed?

I just think we need better prizes. The 1,000.00 gift certificate from Cabelas is nice for a participation prize but people want more.
9.) bluecat - 06/30/2017
Maybe a fly-in backpack caribou bow hunt with Eva Shockey for two weeks?
10.) bluecat - 06/30/2017
A free trip to Pennyslvania to air up Luv2's tires and listen to him talk about the glory days of hunting did not sit well with many.
11.) Swamp Fox - 06/30/2017
There have been small tweaks to the rules, but not much. Everybody seems pretty happy with them. At least I've never heard otherwise.

I sometimes wonder about the early opener/early entry deadline. It made sense when we had a lot of people from all over the country, but if we have any new visitors to the site, they are most likely arriving after the mid-August deadline. Now, I see no evidence that we DO have new visitors who are willing to participate (vs lurking), and at this point I give up believing that a lot of our lurkers are old members who will eventually become active again, so what I'm saying is I have no idea who we're trying to please at this point.

Therefore, if it were up to me, I'd start the contest in mid-August and end it in mid January as we have been doing, but I'm not sure any more that we shouldn't allow sign-ups until, say, Oct 1. Which is why I've been giving more and more slack to late entries the last few years. As long as you take precautions to avoid ringers and stacked teams and treat early teams and late teams fairly, the contest could accomodate late sign-ups. I like the idea of rewarding early teams, and requiring late teams to form rather than admin having to add random people to random teams and screwing everything up.

It also may be time to insert some type of prize structure into the contest. It could be a goof, or it could have some value, as long as it generated some interest, LOL. When the contest started as a Bragging Rights affair, it was fine because we had a lot of smak talking and goofing around from a good handful of people. Now we're starting from next to zero, and the situation may call for drastic measures to get this thing off life support, LOL.
12.) Swamp Fox - 06/30/2017
[QUOTE=bluecat;49772]Maybe a fly-in backpack caribou bow hunt with Eva Shockey for two weeks?[/QUOTE]

Bring your hockey pads...
13.) Swamp Fox - 06/30/2017
[QUOTE=bluecat;49773]A free trip to Pennyslvania to air up Luv2's tires and listen to him talk about the glory days of hunting did not sit well with many.[/QUOTE]

Did you talk to Crookedeye about that? Because he's been trying to get a mountain hunt together, and so what if they don't have elk in Amish country?

Seriously, though: if we could figure out a way to get Luv2 to join the contest voluntarily, that would be a big deal. :wink

14.) billy b - 07/01/2017
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;49768]Drat! Can't get anything past you fellas.

You realize that if I stay, I feel I have no choice but to go Full Trump on the proceedings in order to generate better ratings, right?[/QUOTE]
You don't even know how to tweet.
15.) Swamp Fox - 07/01/2017
I think it might be time for me to learn some new skills, LOL.

Besides, what could go wrong?
16.) billy b - 07/02/2017
Just don't tweet Trump, You'll never get any rest.
17.) Swamp Fox - 07/02/2017
You know who should have a Twitter account to communicate with Trump? Crookedeye. I know he has some good ideas about how to run the country.

And then he could have a parody account under the name CrOokEdeYe for when he wants to go trolling...LOL
18.) Swamp Fox - 07/05/2017
Can't believe I haven't been able to troll Crookedeye with this yet...:wink....Maybe he's building up an immunity...

In case everybody missed it---LOL---we are using this thread to take sign-ups. so throw your name in the hat if you want to play.

Whoever winds up running this taco stand this year may want to to a separate official sign-up thread, but for right now, this is it.

Please, no pushing and shoving!
19.) Wild Bob - 07/05/2017
No disrespect...but...

20.) Swamp Fox - 07/05/2017

Not just crickets, but 37 minutes of crickets....

I expect the next video on this thread will be peepers...LOL
21.) Swamp Fox - 07/10/2017
I can see where this is going...
22.) bluecat - 07/11/2017
Swampy, is there still room for me to join a team?

I want in.
23.) Swamp Fox - 07/11/2017
Give me some time to go over the list and I'll see if I can squeeze you in somewhere.
24.) Swamp Fox - 07/11/2017
Okay, it's official...You're in.


My hunting time looks minimal this year, but I'll put my name in the hat, so we have some momentum building...LOL

The call is still out for someone fresh to take the reins, but in the meantime we have sign-ups to take and a pre-thread to hash out.

If anyone has anything to say about the rules (see last year's thread) or has any ideas about prizes or ways to goose this thing, let me know.

Volunteers for management or labor should pipe up by August 14. Until you see a dedicated sign-up thread, this is it.

25.) bluecat - 07/11/2017

26.) Swamp Fox - 07/11/2017

I should probably hire some booth babes to go around cyberspace selling raffle tickets and signing people up...Maybe a drawing for a knife or a long weekend at Sandals if you put your name on the sheet.
27.) Swamp Fox - 07/11/2017
As long as they could find some hot profile pics and avatars they wouldn't even have to be that good-looking...
28.) Jon - 07/11/2017
[QUOTE=bluecat;49773]A free trip to Pennyslvania to air up Luv2's tires and listen to him talk about the glory days of hunting did not sit well with many.[/QUOTE]

If you can get a signed and numbered print of that man meat in those tight jeans leaning against the tree, there's no way I could keep myself from joining the contest
29.) bluecat - 07/11/2017
30.) DParker - 07/11/2017
He is dreamy. From Tiger beat, with Luv....

31.) Swamp Fox - 07/11/2017
This should kick the sign-ups into high gear!


32.) Swamp Fox - 07/12/2017
33.) luv2bowhunt - 07/12/2017
Come on D, you covered up Farrah.:tap:
34.) Jon - 07/12/2017
Why enter the contest, I'm a winner already!
Thanks Luv2, you're dreamy
35.) bluecat - 07/12/2017
I think anyone that doesn't participate this year gets a call from my mother-in-law. She wants to tell you how the conservatives are ruining this country.
36.) Swamp Fox - 07/12/2017
Sounds scary...Your mother-in-law, I mean.
37.) Swamp Fox - 07/12/2017
New strategy to increase traffic at Hunting Country: Mother-in-law recruitment.

38.) bluecat - 07/12/2017
39.) Swamp Fox - 07/19/2017
I feel an obligation to bump this up...LOL
40.) Swamp Fox - 07/22/2017
Sign-ups have been shifted to the following thread, and you can see the rules for both the Whitetail Contest and the Photo contest there, too:


Please, no further sign-ups on this thread! I can't keep up.

Feel free to podunk, though. :p
41.) billy b - 07/24/2017
Ok, I'm presigning up!!!!!
42.) Swamp Fox - 07/24/2017
LOL...Excellent, Billy!