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1.) DropzOfWild - 04/04/2013
How in the heck do some of you find the time to be on and post so much?
2.) Deerminator - 04/04/2013
I'm retired and boarded out of my brain untill nice weather comes along:-)
3.) Ohbuckhunter - 04/04/2013
You watch your mouth:bang:
4.) Swamp Fox - 04/04/2013
I set a daily goal for myself. If you focus on it, it's easy.

Well, nothing worth achieving is ever really easy, but it's simple. Tell yourself to let nothing interfere---FOCUS!... Like a laser beam, I say---and avoid negative waves. Even if they come from your spouse, or friends, or work colleagues...If anyone tells you you're wasting your life--If YOU tell yourself you're wasting your life---you need to remove yourself from that toxic environment or shut down the unhelpful self-talk.

Whenever you feel negative waves, whether from yourself or others, it helps to say a positive aphorism. I like to repeat mine seven times. It puts me back in control. Some people say affirmations instead of aphorisms, but I think aphorisms are more fun.

You might have to do some of this stuff for 30 days in a row so it becomes a habit.

Remember, [I]you[/I] are in charge of your dreams.You and you alone. Don't doubt yourself! You can do whatever you set your mind to.

(I have some books and cassette programs on this kind of stuff if you want to borrow anything. Maybe a couple of CD programs. Good luck on your journey, and keep the fires burning!)
5.) DropzOfWild - 04/05/2013
Deep swampy......deep... I like it thouhh and so true
6.) Leighton - 04/05/2013
Negative waves , you have been watching Kelly's Heroes again haven't you ?