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1.) bluecat - 10/10/2017
Is it a good idea to store ammo in the gun safe? Beyond the getting ammo out of reach for kids, is it the recommended approach?

If there is a possible fire, your safe is now a bomb but at least it's a contained bomb.

If you guys had guns, where would you store your ammo?

Thanks, I'll hang up and listen.
2.) DParker - 10/10/2017
[QUOTE=bluecat;52252]Is it a good idea to store ammo in the gun safe? Beyond the getting ammo out of reach for kids, is it the recommended approach?

If there is a possible fire, your safe is now a bomb but at least it's a contained bomb.

[B]If you guys had guns[/B], where would you store your ammo?

Thanks, I'll hang up and listen.[/QUOTE]

Aye, there's the rub. I'm really going to miss that boat.

But, hypothetically speaking...yes, I would store ammunition (if I had some) in my gun safe (if I had one) along with my guns (if I had any). Rounds popping off individually, even in rapid succession, almost certainly won't turn your safe into a bomb. There's just not enough of an instantaneous increase in pressure. But it likely would cause serious damage to your hypothetical guns, just because of all the brass flying around. But if there's enough of a fire in your garage to cause ammo inside a safe to cook off, that heat is likely going to seriously damage everything inside that safe anyway...and whatever else the exploding ammo does to it is going to be the least of your worries.
3.) Swamp Fox - 10/10/2017
If I owned guns, I wouldn't want them in a safe with rounds cooking off. Seems like you're already up the creek, but why make it worse? Besides, from what little I know, I wouldn't want the ammunition stored where pressure could build up in the first place. And on top of that, it seems like a waste of expensive space.

Your ammo would be just as well off in a locked closet or wooden footlocker. A vented locker like you see in some workplaces would work well, if it sat flat on the floor without legs. (Or with legs if someone weren’t going to collapse it with a lot of real ammo. Legs would be fine for cap strips or bubble solution, but be careful with the latter. A gallon of that stuff is more than eight pounds.)

I didn't find a suitable metal locker in a quick search, but you might have better luck. In the meantime, these are handy:

4.) bluecat - 10/10/2017
Thanks, that helps. I put that qualifier there because most here just shoot bows but there was a member a while back I recall that lost a big part of his gun collection in an elongated lightweight self-propelled water craft accident.

Why is it that when a mass shooting occurs "the left" blame the gun but when someone drives through a crowd of people or sets off a pressure cooker bomb full of nails or attacks a crowd of people with a hammer, the person is at fault. :tap:
5.) Swamp Fox - 10/10/2017
It's because guns are symbols of the patriarchy.

Pressure cookers, not so much.
6.) DParker - 10/10/2017
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;52256]It's because guns are symbols of the patriarchy.

Pressure cookers, not so much.[/QUOTE]

7.) bluecat - 10/10/2017
8.) Swamp Fox - 10/10/2017
Very good.
9.) Swamp Fox - 10/10/2017
[B][SIZE=2]Jimmy Kimmel Writer Completely Botches The Constitution[/SIZE][/B]

[I][QUOTE]Bess Kalb, a writer for Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show, displayed shocking ignorance about the Constitution on Monday, and then claimed sexism when people corrected her.

In a now-deleted tweet, Kalb said, “Real quick seems worth clarifying the Second Amendment isn’t in the Constitution. It’s an amendment to the Constitution.”

Twitter user Jon Bender responded, explaining that the Second Amendment is considered to be in the “amended version” of the Constitution.

Kalb apparently didn’t appreciate being corrected and accused Bender of sexism.

And hilarity ensued from there, including a lesson on which amendments recognize women's right to vote, outlaw slavery, and guarantee everyone's right to say really, really stupid stuff without interference from the government.

I don't know if anyone got into any of the unoriginal and unenumerated "rights" Bess probably cares about. I suppose it wouldn't have been a fair fight, but maybe a woman could have tried.

No, on second thought, that would have been a betrayal of the sisterhood ... LOL

10.) Jon - 10/11/2017
I don't store my ammo in my gun safe simply because there's just no room to do so. I do, however, store my ammo in a cabinet all by itself.
A very good friend lost his whole house in a fire, he was awoken on the 4th of July, 2015 to allot of flames and heat. He rescued his daughter and wife but his family dog went back in the house for whatever reason and perished.
He had a gun safe that survived, one Glock was melted but the rest of his guns had no damage. He also had a bunch of ammo under his bed, he warned the fire chief about it and he said that when ammo pops off in a fire, it rarely has enough force to hurt someone. They found rounds on the street a few hundred feet away from the house the next morning.
I know gun safes are heat rated for x amount of minutes. I don't think ammo would be set off from the amount of heat generated inside that safe although I could be completely wrong.
11.) Swamp Fox - 10/11/2017
I'm no meteorologist, but I think a lot of the popping off risk has to do with pressure as much (?) as it has to do with heat. I've certainly heard of ammo cooking off in some safes and (airtight) ammo cans. And a round in a chamber is going to do serious evil compared to loose/belted/magazined/clipped or cardboard-boxed ammo. (Like Jon, I've also understood that except for chambered ammo, the risk from projectiles is low.)

Consider that a fairly common trick to potentially increase a rifle cartridge's performance is to let your ammo warm in the sun, thereby increasing pressure and velocity.

You'll hear people advocate and others who warn against heating ammo on your vehicle's dashboard. I suppose leaving it there accidentally should be considered, too. (Those stories never seem to end well.)

I would think, then, that maximum heat and minimal ventilation in a really tight safe or ammo box is the worst-case scenario best avoided.

If someone had a really good safe and also happened to have some guns to put in it (just throwing out a theory here) they might think twice about storing ammo in there. Then again, maybe really good safes have some type of mechanism to relieve excessive pressure, like some protective cases do.

I mean, like, who really nos all this stuff anyway?



12.) DParker - 10/12/2017
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;52284]I'm no meteorologist[/QUOTE]

That's for sure...

13.) bluecat - 10/12/2017
"God Bless Murica"
14.) Swamp Fox - 10/12/2017
"Approaching warm front could set off strong storms ..."
15.) bluecat - 10/12/2017
Take that you climate deniers.