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1.) crookedeye - 01/02/2018
i bought one of these the other day and was wondering if my 400 spine arrows would be good enough, you no safe and everything i hear so many different storys .....anyhow 28" draw.. arrow length 27" around 60lb draw weight 1oo weight tip
2.) crookedeye - 01/02/2018
.. my hobbies are bowling, fishing and watching old westerns..
3.) Swamp Fox - 01/02/2018
LOL ...

Welcome aboard.

Stick around. Maybe one of our members will be able to answer your question.
4.) Swamp Fox - 01/02/2018
If not, there's always archery Twitter ...
5.) Swamp Fox - 01/02/2018

6.) Swamp Fox - 01/02/2018

7.) DParker - 01/02/2018
[QUOTE=crookedeye;54001].. my hobbies are bowling, fishing and watching old westerns..[/QUOTE]

How do you feel about piņa coladas and getting caught in the rain?
8.) bluecat - 01/02/2018
+3 :grin:
9.) Swamp Fox - 01/02/2018
10.) Swamp Fox - 01/02/2018
Who wants to go for a beer after work?
11.) crookedeye - 01/02/2018
ok thanks guys, i think now i have it narrowed down to the 400 hundreds or the 360's.. again i apreciate youre help..
12.) Swamp Fox - 01/02/2018
13.) Swamp Fox - 01/02/2018
14.) Swamp Fox - 01/02/2018
Tough crowd ...
15.) crookedeye - 02/16/2018
well i bought a triax..since it was a even year i bought a matthews..bullzi was kinda weird on things like that ...anyhow that thing is sweeeet..you dont think a bow could be much better than the bows before, but im telling you it is the best bow i ever shot.. i thought the 28 inch axle to axle would be a bit short but for me its better than the z7 i have..even smoother than the element ...unbelivable..i dont even hear it go off.
16.) Swamp Fox - 02/17/2018
I think Lisa was even years and BZ got odd years. Or something like that.

Isn't the Element only something like three years old? You got one, right?

The Z7 didn't do much for me. I think it was more that nothing really stood out than something I didn't like about it. How would you compare the Triax to the Element?
17.) Triton Rich - 02/17/2018
[B]I missed this thread the first time. I ran the numbers through the Ontarget software assuming 60# 28" draw 27" gold tip hunter xt (I picked those randomly) with a 100gn tip. It shows you a little weak with the 400 and a little stiff with the 340. I don't think the 400 is in the dangerous range so if that's what you've got, use them. If you have trouble tuning, you might try some 340s. Disclaimer: It's my first time using a new version of the software so a mistake isn't totally out of the question. [/B]:grin:
18.) crookedeye - 02/17/2018
the element is a nice bow.. smooth and all that..but the triax is somthing else.. bit on the heavy side but who cares..i bought the triax 60lb limbs i think it max out at 62 where im shooting it at now. and the 400 spine shoot like darts ..i still need to figure out my 3 pin black gold slider..i figure i'll get it set at 20 30 and 40 and then worry about the sticker it comes with..

im super impressed with this bow..
19.) crookedeye - 02/17/2018
i ordered the halon 32 and waited for a month or so,i figured id ask if he had the triax..i couldnt be more happier, that he had one. reminds of the time i had to choose between chunkymonkey icecream or cherry garcia ice cream, they both are good but cherry garcia stands out.
20.) Swamp Fox - 02/17/2018
I will try it out the next time I darken the door of a bow shop. I tried one version of the Halon, I think. Or maybe it was a Helium. I don't know, LOL. It was a few years ago. I liked it, whatever it was.