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1.) Swamp Fox - 07/27/2018
This is decent, and the ending is outstanding:


[QUOTE]The meals we share are no different than what used to be Sunday suppers. The storytelling around the fire used to be front-porch affairs. The large, extended families that filled church pews, the kinds of families with tongue-twisting mazes of names and connections, don’t hold together like they did in the past. Kids move away and seldom return. The fellowship halls where people gathered for reunions are empty. The family graves are grown over with weeds. But there are holdout pockets where story still matters and people are still tied to the land.

At camp we hold on to tradition, and as the moon rises behind the pines, the old men talk and I listen. Deep down I know it won’t last, that it can’t, so I linger on every word. If time favors us all the same, there will come a season when I am alone. Sooner or later, there will come a night when the last of the fire burns out.


The rest of the issue is ....problematic ...LOL :re:
2.) DParker - 07/27/2018
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;56656]This is decent, and the ending is outstanding:


The rest of the issue is ....problematic ...LOL :re:[/QUOTE]

You found something worth reading in an issue of Time Magazine? Man, you should buy a lottery ticket.
3.) DParker - 07/27/2018
Meanwhile, over at Newsweek...

(They've since corrected it)

4.) Swamp Fox - 07/28/2018
LOL ...
5.) Swamp Fox - 07/28/2018
[QUOTE=DParker;56657]You found something worth reading in an issue of Time Magazine? Man, you should buy a lottery ticket.[/QUOTE]

I know, right? --- Such a rag. How the mighty have fallen...

Speaking of which, has anyone picked up an issue of [I]Field & Stream[/I] lately? As thin as a paper napkin from a nice restaurant, and only a little more interesting to peruse. Also, they aren't publishing even nine issues a year anymore. They're down to six.

I wouldn't mind if they were six jam-packed issues, but they're not. :re:
6.) Swamp Fox - 08/01/2018
So ... this landed with a thud ...

I wonder if it's time to bring back The Joke Of The Day? ...
7.) Swamp Fox - 08/02/2018
Okay, so I think that would be a "No."