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1.) XJCraver - 04/08/2013
Rained, all last night. Woods were soaked, fields were muddy, walking was difficult. [B]Strike One.[/B]

Get to my spot that I've hunted opening morning the last 5 yrs., and [I]always[/I] hear birds. I mean, it never fails. Today? Nothing - not a single peep from anything. [B]Strike Two.[/B]

Finally get on a couple birds, after a mile walk through the mud, and things are looking up! I'm on one hill, they're on another, and headed my way. Gobbling their fool heads off. Everything's going great, they're about ~70 yds. and still coming / still talking, when all of a sudden there's a grey/brown STREAK that goes shooting up the valley, [I][B]right for my birds[/B]!! [/I] I've never seen a coyote move that fast, and he [I]almost[/I] had the lead bird - I swear I saw feathers fly, but they got away. Damn 'yote kept after them, and there I sit with a shot at nothing, and ~40 minutes of talking to these birds wasted.

[B]Strike Three[/B], I'm out. Tomorrow had better be better.

:tap: :bang: :tap: :bang: :tap: :bang:
2.) bluecat - 04/08/2013
Sorry to hear that. Sounds like they were interested though.

I saw several Toms that looked in my direction but continued on with the hens. Might try a jake decoy to see if that gets them riled up.
3.) Jon - 04/08/2013
[COLOR="#006400"]shoulda peppered thast 'yote with some #4 shot![/COLOR]
4.) Deerminator - 04/08/2013
That's why they call it HUNT"N

Better luck next time.
5.) XJCraver - 04/09/2013
[QUOTE=Jon;4862][COLOR="#006400"]shoulda peppered thast 'yote with some #4 shot![/COLOR][/QUOTE]

Too far, and too thick. Don't think it didn't cross my mind, though!!

I've never seen a 'yote go after gobblers like that... I've seen 'em chase hens, and fawns, and squirrels, and rabbits, and whatever, but never a gobbler. Never would've believed it if I hadn't seen it.
6.) Go Bucks - 04/09/2013
good luck this morning!
7.) XJCraver - 04/12/2013
Day Two was much better. Birds were talking, and mostly cooperating. Got my buddy a nice 2 yr. old - 8 1/2" beard, 3/4" spurs.

I get to go again tomorrow - hopefully they're still in a cooperative mood.
8.) Deerminator - 04/12/2013
Excellent.....Good luck
9.) XJCraver - 04/12/2013
Was on 2 birds in the same area this morning, maybe / could've been the same ones. I set up wrong, and couldn't get it done. :td:

Maybe tomorrow. :pray:
10.) Swamp Fox - 04/12/2013
Wear the bastards down!