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1.) Jon - 08/14/2018
On my small property of 15ac, the deer aren't living there because it's just not setup for them to have enough shelter. There's no pines and the hardwoods just aren't thick enough. I do my best to keep them coming by having clover and a feeder but that really just gets some does and smaller bucks to stop for a minute or two between bean and corn fields that surround my place.
The first few years, i tried the flavored salt licks which the deer didn't seem to really care about. I put several out and monitored them but deer would pretty much leave them alone. One day when I was picking up corn at Tractor Supply, I saw a basic salt block for cattle, they are $4.50. I bought one and put it right on the landing area where the deer cross the tax ditch. The ditch holds water and gets 3-4' deep and the deer cross it several times a day. I was very surprised how much the deer licked and pawed at the salt lick. One large block lasted 6 months and the deer even pawed at the ground after the salt lick was totally gone.
I put another one in the same spot earlier this year and every type of animal that lives in the area visits the salt lick. I'm very surprised what a basic salt block brings to the game.
Turkeys, geese, fox, raccoons, woodchuck, deer, ducks and the occasional Boston Terrier all seem to enjoy it.

2.) DParker - 08/14/2018
That 8-pt looks to have some real potential.
3.) Swamp Fox - 08/14/2018
Nah, he's a scrub ... LOL

That boney one with the tall, narrow rack in the next pic's got a lot going on ..... I'd say he's a relative youngster, but he has a little belly on him so maybe he's maxxing out?
4.) Jon - 08/14/2018
The crazy buck has A LOT going on to say the least. He's got stuff going in all directions and interwoven. I have him on camera at least 15x both still shots and video and I still have no idea how many points he has. I'm going to guess he's only 14" wide BUT he's like 20+" tall. No idea how old, this is the first year I've seen him. More than likely, I'll never see him again once the season opens. He shows up around midnight and sticks around a few minutes and then leaves.
5.) Jon - 08/14/2018
Here's another angle of him

6.) Swamp Fox - 08/14/2018
Ah ha!

Now I'm going with 3 1/2, and I'm sticking with it ...

7.) Jon - 12/05/2019
To continue this thread, I am still using the basic salt licks from TSC, the deer absolutely love the thing. I am just now trying some sweet feed mixed with corn in my feeder to see if they like it better. The sweet feed is 12% protein but if it gets wet, it does get nasty which is why some folks don't use it in a feeder. I mixed 250lbs of corn with 50lbs of sweet feed.
8.) billy b - 12/06/2019
I think I'll try a salt lick, I hate pigs