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1.) Robin76 - 08/30/2018
Hi Guys I am new to hunting and planning to go for a hunting trip next month with my colleagues and thought I would need some gear to buy for the trip. Since this is my first trip I not going to get any weapons of my own as my friends said they extra rifles which they would give me. Other than that I have a backpack, a tent, hiking boots which I would be [URL="https://www.rallyegps.com/best-hunting-gps/"]using the GPS for hunting[/URL], and a pocket knife. Suggest me some essential gear which are handy and useful for hunter.

Coming to the main part I am thinking to get a handheld GPS device and a trail camera, I would be using the handheld GPS device for my hiking trips and would like to get one thats suitable for both hiking and hunting. Garmin eTrex 20x or Montana 610 Camo are the GPS devices I have in mind and would like to know which is best from someone who had used them or any other good GPS device that would be best for both hunting and hiking. Also I don't know much about trail cameras too so please suggest me a good device and a few words why its better.
2.) bluecat - 08/30/2018

Be wary wary qwuiet.
3.) Jon - 08/30/2018
Before anyone can jump at giving suggestions, it'd be best to explain what type of hunting you are going to be doing and what the weather is like where you'll be.
Any GPS is a good one at this point, they all offer the same type of satellite reception and plotting. Trail camera's are pretty personal, I like Covert Cameras, they have suited me well for many years.
4.) Swamp Fox - 08/30/2018
Toilet paper ...

But Jon's advice is good, too.
5.) Bob Peck - 08/30/2018
Hunting is iterative. You don't read a book and go. You invest time, energy, money and pray for a mentor who can expedite the process but a process it is. For some of us it's a lifelong process.

Learn how to use a compass, topo maps *and* a GPS. If you rely solely on the GPS you're in trouble before you start. If the budget allows ($450) look into the Garmin inReach Explorer + or the Garmin Rhino 750.

If the budget won't allow a Garmin 64S at $250 is a decent alternative. You can definitely find cheaper GPS products like the eTrex but I find them lacking in features, satellite acquisition, range and legibility. I've owned the 20X and in a word, I found it to be "pathetic" even for the most casual of outdoor experiences.

Forget the firearms unless you have months to practice and learn gun safety.

Trail cameras? There's a million of them out there but unless you have time to install one or two and collect results over a period of time I can't see that as a wise investment unless you're going to be in the bush for several weeks. In that case, it sounds to me like you should consider buying at a price point versus a feature set.
6.) DParker - 08/30/2018
[QUOTE=Bob Peck;56874]Hunting is iterative. You don't read a book and go.[/QUOTE]

Oh, sure....[B][I]NOW[/I][/B] you tell me. :tap:
7.) Robin76 - 08/31/2018
thanks for the valuable suggestions guys, as bob peck said I think its its better to go with budget options like GPSMAP 64s and learn to use maps and compass. I will skip the trail cameras for now, go to couple of hunting trips find friends with good skills, learn gradually overtime and upgrade the gear.
8.) bluecat - 08/31/2018
[QUOTE=Bob Peck;56874]Hunting is iterative. You don't read a book and go. [/QUOTE]

Are you counting Field and Stream?
9.) crookedeye - 08/31/2018
garmin etrex, cheap easy and reliable. and a good reliable pocket knife. i cant recall all the times i had to shave an old stick down for a fire starter..the trail cameras are for winnies:wink
10.) crookedeye - 08/31/2018