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1.) Jon - 10/16/2018
I just picked up a new shotgun for deer hunting. Based on recommendations from many local and non local slug hunters, I got the Savage 220.
This is a bolt action, rifled barrel, drop magazine tack driver out to 200+ yards. The problem is finding ammo now since it will only shoot 3" shells.
I mounted a 3-9x40 Leupold VXIII and have ordered a Boyds thumbhole stock to replace the synthetic camo stock that came with it.
Once I mounted the scope, I used 5 rounds to get the gun sighted in 2" high at 50yds. I ran out of time to get further back but ballistics show these Winchester dual bond slugs to drop 1.7" at 100 if sighted in at 50.
These slugs are made of unobtanium obviously because I can't find them anywhere. I ended up finding 3 boxes at a shop in Tx and couldn't find them anywhere else. The Winchester Partition Gold seem to be very similar and I was able to find those a little easier although they aren't cheap. ($16.50/box of 5).
I'm excited to have a long distance tack driver slug gun although my H&R Slug Hunter was pretty darn accurate out to 175, it is a single shot and this bolt gun is 3 shots.
Anyone else have this 220 gun?
2.) DParker - 10/16/2018
I can't give you any info on the gun, but I see that Winchester is currently giving rebates on slug and buckshot loads: [URL="https://winchester.com/Rebates/Winchester-Slug-and-Buck-Rebate"]https://winchester.com/Rebates/Winchester-Slug-and-Buck-Rebate[/URL]
3.) Jon - 10/16/2018
Yea, I saw that too and I'd love to take advantage but I can't find any 20ga, 3" slugs anywhere.
4.) DParker - 10/16/2018
[QUOTE=Jon;57250]Yea, I saw that too and I'd love to take advantage but I can't find any 20ga, 3" slugs anywhere.[/QUOTE]

As much as I hate CheaperThanDirt...and not the same loads...but Winchester 3" 20 ga slugs: [URL="https://www.cheaperthandirt.com/product/ammo-20-gauge-winchester-partition-gold-3-sabot-slug-260-grain-5-round-box-1850-fps-ssp203-020892018075.do?sortby=priceAscend&refType=&from=fn&ecList=7&ecCategory=117652"]https://www.cheaperthandirt.com/product/ammo-20-gauge-winchester-partition-gold-3-sabot-slug-260-grain-5-round-box-1850-fps-ssp203-020892018075.do?sortby=priceAscend&refType=&from=fn&ecList=7&ecCategory=117652[/URL]

Are you looking only for the Winchester Dual Bond loads? Or any Winchester 3" 20 ga sabot slugs? Or anybody's 3" 20 ga sabot slugs?
5.) Jon - 10/18/2018
I had 3 boxes of the dual bond and they are recommended and fly great, patterned in 5 shots. A buddy shoots the partition gold 3' slugs by Winchester but they are as difficult to find. I guess I'm down to those 2 rounds.
I was able to buy 10 boxes of the partition gold rounds from cheaper than dirt, they didn't have the dual bond rounds.
Thanks for the heads up
6.) Swamp Fox - 10/18/2018
Are they selling more of the 12 gauge than the 20?

Some info on the HR960 here, and a link for ammo (spendy):



TarHunt has been around for a while... Used to see quite a few of their ads ... Wondered if they were still out there. Found their niche, I guess.

Thought the site might be helpful to our audience ... LOL