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1.) bluecat - 11/26/2018
Warning very graphic.
2.) DParker - 11/26/2018
Make sure there's plenty of dangling tongue.
3.) bluecat - 11/26/2018

Ain't she a beaut!
4.) bluecat - 11/26/2018
Was driving home from Thanksgiving along a stretch of road that typically has a lot of deer and deer warning signs. Was dark, driving slow (around 50) and watching for deer, when she just appeared in front of me -no warning, no coming from left, no coming from right, no green eyes along side of road. The damn thing just materialized in front of my bumper, literally. The crash and her presence were simultaneous.

Was able to drive away and thankfully it didn't come through windshield given the low bumper on the car. It could have been a lot worse. And thankfully she didn't suffer.
5.) DParker - 11/26/2018
Ouch! Did you at least get a personal visit from Flo?
6.) bluecat - 11/26/2018
She is visiting Flo today. Hopefully Flo will be in a good mood.
7.) Jon - 11/27/2018
Damn son! Hopefully the backstraps were unharmed and went to good use.
8.) DParker - 11/27/2018
[QUOTE=bluecat;57368]She is visiting Flo today. Hopefully Flo will be in a good mood.[/QUOTE]

Flo is [i]always[/i] in a good mood.

9.) bluecat - 11/27/2018
[QUOTE=Jon;57369]Damn son! Hopefully the backstraps were unharmed and went to good use.[/QUOTE]

Although it was a two-lane, there was a lot of traffic and no shoulder. I didn't want to risk another accident by grabbing her. Wife wouldn't have allowed it on or in her car as it was. It was packed pretty full. Buzzards have to eat too.
10.) bluecat - 11/27/2018
[QUOTE=DParker;57370]Flo is [i]always[/i] in a good mood.


Her sister is kinda iffy though. She is constantly working on her quads.
11.) DParker - 11/27/2018
[QUOTE=bluecat;57371]Buzzards have to eat too.[/QUOTE]

Same as worms.

12.) Swamp Fox - 11/30/2018
Glad you're okay.

There was a guy nearby who (legend has it) was beheaded when a deer he hit flew over the hood of his pickup, blew through the windshield and crashed the cab window to land in the bed. I can't find it on the innerweb but I'd say it was 15-20 years ago or maybe longer, so possibly it hasn't been archived. However, there's lots of other good beheading stuff going on in the state in modern times, apparently!

On my way to Camp Swampy one day, I had a tom turkey with an impressive beard almost come through my windshield as it flew across the highway about a mile from camp. I didn't get to notice his spurs, LOL, but that's how you know you're in a good area, I think.