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1.) Triton Rich - 01/22/2019
[B]It's been a slow season for me. Not nearly as many deer sightings and the only big buck I saw was a couple hundred yards away and going the other way. There aren't enough deer where I normally hunt that I'd feel comfortable taking a doe. Fortunately, my Brother has a spot nearby that is loaded with deer. I headed out yesterday evening, the last day of the season, to sit in a blind on a platform overlooking a food plot. It was bitter cold but my trusty propane heater kept me warm. Within minutes, the first two deer showed up. Two small bucks. With them feeding happily out in the food plot, I figured more would be on the way. I wasn't disappointed. A doe and two fawns soon made their way into the plot. I was trying to film with my cell phone on a tripod and made some noise while trying to set things up. The deer heard me but seemed to be staying. Just as I put some tension on the string though, they ran off. I barely had time to settle back down when I saw a doe off in the woods to the other side of the blind. Luckily, she was a ways off and I had plenty of time to shift things around to get ready. There were 5 deer in the group and they were in a hurry to feed. The walked right in to the food plot and I hit record on my phone. The lead doe passed a small clump of weeds that I had ranged at 24 yards. It was clear that she was about 5 yards beyond so I settled my 30 yard pin right behind the front leg. I touched off the shot and the arrow traced a brief, graceful arc through the air before slamming into her. She jumped and kicked out her back legs and took off running. Within the first couple steps, I saw my arrow fall out as she stumbled away. She crashed through some brush and headed towards the shed were my truck was parked. After a call to my Brother and a brief wait, I got out and went to where she stood. I followed the sparse blood trail through the snow. After about 70 yards she had slowed down and the sign became a lot more obvious. Another 50 yards and I found her piled up. She had made it to only 50 yards from my truck! The broadhead had clipped the front leg on the way in. It still seemed to make a full sized hole going in but lost a blade before exiting. Still did plenty of damage and made a large slice through the middle of the heart. Hard to believe she made the distance she did. All in all, between the shot and catching it on film and just making the deadline, it was one of my most satisfying hunts ever. I'm still smiling :-)

The equipment:

Bowtech BTX-28 (did I mention I got a new bow? :grin:)
Victory Vforce HV 350
366 grn at 302 fps
Rage Hypodermic

Video link[/B]

2.) DParker - 01/22/2019
Nice shot, Poot! That's a hell of a hole. I'm glad you finally got some action. This season was the worst I've ever experienced. I never even saw a deer other than from the highway while driving to/from the WMAs I hunt. I went out this past Friday with a 12 ga to chase squirrels (deer season is over) and in spite of great weather saw nary a sign of any animal activity at all, save for a few small birds. It was kind of eerie, really.
3.) Triton Rich - 01/22/2019
[B]I should be more careful about grumbling. I still saw at least a deer or two on more than half of my hunts and I dd see the one nice buck (actually, he looked like a giant). I'm sure there are plenty of folks who would trade but the herd by my Dad's has dropped dramatically.

As far as the giant hole, it was very confusing to me since it's just the regular 2" cut rage. Looking back at the video, she had that front leg way back. We're supposed to wait for the deer to step forward. Well, I totally forgot that little trick. With the leg back, the hide and muscle was all bunched up so that's why all the damage. I also nicked the bone so I got a little lucky there.[/B]
4.) DParker - 01/22/2019
[QUOTE=Triton Rich;57698][B]I should be more careful about grumbling.[/B][/QUOTE]

Naaaah. Half the usefulness of discussion forums is having a place to vent.
5.) billy b - 01/27/2019
Nice shot Rich, what broadhead did you use, that'll be some good eating!! I shot an 8 point on the next to last day but I forgot how to put the pic up..
6.) Triton Rich - 01/28/2019
[B]Thanks Billy! It was a Rage Hypodermic 100 grain. I've mostly been a fixed blade guy but I do like that one. [/B]
7.) luv2bowhunt - 01/29/2019
Congrats Rich! Good story, I could follow along in my mind's eye. I've been out scouting for several weeks and you're still hunting. LOL
8.) Swamp Fox - 02/06/2019
[QUOTE=Triton Rich;57696][B]

When I look at this pic, I think of a big, meaty, hot bowl of venison chili, with beans.