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1.) crookedeye - 04/14/2019
i bought a bottle of 10%..and im going to make a shit load of it..can you spray that stuff on polyester? say sitka clothing or whatever and still be effective..

Like you guys no..now thats funny..
2.) Swamp Fox - 04/14/2019
I know that at least one of the products that people use to mix their own is not recommended for clothing, because "you're not supposed to expose your skin to it." So your polyester bell-bottoms and other disco hunting gear might be okay, but you prolly won't be. Let us know if you grow a third testicle ... Otherwise I don't want to hear about silly little stuff like rashes. Post only important and sensational news here, please.

The permethrin sprays we've been using for years on clothes are fine. Direct skin contact with the spray was always a no-no, but as far as I know from reading and personal experience, permethrin from these manufacturer-prepared sprays on your clothes next to the skin is fine (after drying).

I've used it a bunch for quite a while, and look how well I turned out.
3.) Swamp Fox - 04/14/2019
So the obvious question is what were you planning to dilute it down to, and the next not-so-obvious question is if you use a water solution, how long will it last? The commercial stuff mostly uses petroleum-based delivery agents and will last through weather and several washings.

Maybe try mixing it with peanut oil and sit on a fire-ant hill and send us a report ...
4.) crookedeye - 04/15/2019
i dont think any permethrin is good for you if in contacts the skin when wet.. i bought a bottle of martins permathrin 10%, i think the mixture to do it is like two oz of permethrin to one gallon of water, im going to mix it in a bug sprayer.
5.) crookedeye - 04/15/2019
plus if i have any left over in the bug sprayer i can use it on the centipedes in the basement, its getting to be that time of year again..
6.) bluecat - 04/15/2019
Don't go down there without backup and a plan. You saw Aliens right? Remember the egg laying scene?
7.) DParker - 04/16/2019
[QUOTE=crookedeye;58081]...the centipedes in the basement..[/QUOTE]

Take off and nuke the entire site from orbit.

8.) Swamp Fox - 04/20/2019
LOL ...

I was wondering if it was Martins, CE.

Let me know how you like it after a few months/washings.

I don't know if make your own p-dope is a big thing on other sites, but I'm a little surprised I haven't heard many people talking about it. Everybody's all over make your own scent killer all the time.
9.) crookedeye - 04/21/2019
centipeds, ive been reading alot about these bugs, monsters.. i quess they live in packs, when you see a cricket leg in your basement it was attacked by centipeds..according to researchers that study centipeds, conclude that there is a leader among them.. the more bug spray you put down the more they get immune to it..you will no when you see the
Grandaaddy of all centipeds, hes just afraid of us as we are of him..
10.) Swamp Fox - 04/22/2019
How can you tell?