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1.) Swamp Fox - 10/10/2021
Go! ......
2.) DParker - 10/10/2021
Tech as applied to hunting specifically, or just in general?
3.) Swamp Fox - 10/10/2021
Well, I was hoping for in hunting, but I'll settle for in general ...

Let's talk from flint stones on up, and maybe before... :grin:

You wouldn't believe what a "carcass" was during the Revolutionary War ... :wink
4.) Swamp Fox - 10/10/2021
Don't make me seach for "deer hunting with a mountain howitzer", because I will ....
5.) Swamp Fox - 10/11/2021
I said flint stones ....
6.) Swamp Fox - 10/11/2021
I don't want to hear any more griping about me ...

DP posts a provacative question and then disappears ... Prolly eating supper with his family, or some such nonsense ...

7.) DParker - 10/11/2021
All that...plus putting the chickens to bed and battening down the hatches (we have some weather moving in).

I'll see what I can come up with.
8.) Swamp Fox - 10/11/2021
Oh, sure ... The chickens ...

I see how it is ...

9.) Swamp Fox - 10/11/2021
We have weather here too, but do you see me complaining?
10.) Swamp Fox - 10/11/2021
bluecat, I want you to note how far down the totem pole we've slid, compared to the poultry ....

"That didn't take long" ...
11.) Swamp Fox - 10/11/2021
I knew those chickens were bad news ...
12.) Swamp Fox - 10/11/2021
So now bluecat's eating supper with *his* family ...

This is a complete mess!
13.) bluecat - 10/11/2021
Hey, a bluecat has to eat. Same as buzzards.
14.) bluecat - 10/11/2021
For me it's the whole solunar table and such. Let's just say it's during the rut and I have all weekend to hunt - family is out of town visiting some lost relative - have some vacation time built up- have a great stand location - nice bucks on camera - cold front moving in. Been looking forward to it all year. But the deer horrorscopes say the moon isn't right or Venus isn't in the second house. So I'm not going to hunt?

Yeah, try to stop me. The time spent in the woods far outweighs anything else. Cancel your subscriptions to these stupid rags and hunt.
15.) Swamp Fox - 10/12/2021
You're right. I think the fun thing about them is when you have a lot of time to go when you want, and then you can either Bronx cheer or applaud when you get home ...

Not sure what huge population that applies to, though, even back in the good old days ...

They can probably be called dinosaurs of a different time ... even in modern "retirement."

But it's funny: We still peek at them! :wink