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1.) Swamp Fox - 02/05/2022
Or the Reuters photo editor is ...

She is liable to win her libel suit against the [I]New York Times[/I], which would be huge (as a public official) ...

I'm not any kind of a Palin fan, but that would take the jackasses at The Paper Of Record down a few of notches ...

I can see the victory party from my house.
2.) bluecat - 02/05/2022
I wasn't aware she was sueing. Do tell.
3.) DParker - 02/07/2022
While we all know that the NYT isn't above engaging in partisan propaganda, and it's not at all a stretch to conclude that's what this is a case of, the bar for proving libel, especially against a public figure...a political figure no less...is very, very high. As much as I think she's in the right I don't like her odds in front of the court on this one.
4.) Swamp Fox - 02/07/2022
[QUOTE=DParker;65741] As much as I think she's in the right I don't like her odds in front of the court on this one.[/QUOTE]

5.) Swamp Fox - 02/07/2022
So, as far as I can tell, this will hinge on whether the [I]Times[/I] operated with [B]Intentional Malice[/B] (TM! ... Got the band name first!) ... and also whether there was [B]Actual Damage[/B] (TM!) to Palin's potential career in the ranks of [B]The Political Commentators [/B](TM, but boo-hiss both for the name and the potential quality, if I do say so myself).

Were the damages really a thing? If anything, the smear against Palin by the [I]Times[/I] and others only boosted her profile for her potential audience. However, this is unprovable, as is (in most scenarios I can imagine) that the [B]Culture of Menace[/B] (TM! --- Rock on!) toward [B]Middle America[/B] (TM! Yessss!) at the [I]Times[/I] caused [B]Real Harm[/B] (TM! ---No? --Too derivative? ) to Palin, or even could to conservatives of [B]Palin's Ilk [/B] (TM! ---Ta-da!)