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1.) Swamp Fox - 05/16/2022
In 2014, a mother wrote to the advice columnist in this magazine with a dilemma. “My adult daughter is clever, pretty and confident. However, she cannot stop saying ‘like’ about six times in every sentence… I know it is not the end of the world, but it makes her sound stupid and uneducated, which she most definitely is not, and when she wants to return to the real world I worry this will be held against her.”

I hope she would take some comfort in knowing that the best linguistic studies today suggest people who say “like” may actually be more intelligent than those that don’t. [B]One, published in the Journal of Language and Social Psychology, which examined 263 conversational transcripts, found that “conscientious people” and those who are more “thoughtful and aware of themselves and their surroundings” are the most likely to use discourse markers such as “like”.[/B]



"You're a LOONY!"
2.) Swamp Fox - 05/17/2022
This is a quote from an article on a different annoying speech pattern, but it's the same difference....

We're talking about up-talk, or the Valley Girl Syndrome:

[QUOTE]“I never thought people who were doing it were dumb, because I do it too, and I’m not dumb,” Ms. Ritchart said. “I am getting a Ph.D.”[/QUOTE]

Well, I guess it depends on your thoughts about Ph.D.'s, but let's not burst her bubble.


It's interesting that both of these speech spasms that make people sound stupid are defended by people who sound stupid defending them.
3.) DParker - 05/17/2022
4.) Swamp Fox - 05/17/2022
Next up: Vocal Fry ... LOL

5.) Swamp Fox - 05/17/2022
6.) bluecat - 05/17/2022

for reals?
7.) DParker - 05/17/2022
"I feel like..."

Because nobody thinks anymore.
8.) bluecat - 05/17/2022
"I mean", I hear what yous saying, "ya feel me".
9.) DParker - 05/17/2022
[QUOTE=bluecat;66787]"I mean", I hear what yous saying, "ya feel me".[/QUOTE]

10.) Swamp Fox - 05/19/2022
Are yiz sayin yiz you got a polllm wit dat?

11.) Swamp Fox - 05/19/2022
Are yiz sayin yiz got a prolm wid dat?

12.) Swamp Fox - 05/19/2022
Brooklyn .... da Bronx .... It's all cannoli on the inside ...
13.) bluecat - 05/19/2022
Oh no you dint!
14.) Swamp Fox - 05/19/2022
LOL ... There used to be a guy on here from Jersey ... Big fisherman ... Near-shore ... This was a long time ago.

He'd know where the bodies are buried ...