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1.) huya - 04/29/2013
I know some of you know my Brother who goes by Etank. IE Tracy Morris. I got a call from my mother, who now lives on his land also, letting me know that Tracy is in the hospital with pancreatic infection. He was starting to do better, then it made a u turn. They will be keeping him for at least another weak. He is drugged up. It even hurts him to talk. Just thought maybe some of you would like to know.
2.) Dan-o - 04/29/2013
Let him know I asked about him Huya and I'm pulling for him. I had a great time hunting with him and his boys in Arkansas a few years ago. Thanks for letting us know.
3.) huya - 04/29/2013
Thanks Dan-O, He talked a lot about you guys and how much fun he had. Wish I could of been there.
They put a cot in his room and his wife is staying with him. I know about as much as the rest of you know. Since I can't talk to him, I just get information 2nd hand.
So I can just sit back and pray for his recovery. May plan a trip around thanksgiving to go back and see them and get in some hunting.
4.) Ohbuckhunter - 04/29/2013
tell him the Marcum family are prayin for him
5.) huya - 04/29/2013
As soon as I can get a chance to talk with him.
6.) Leighton - 04/29/2013
Tell him that me and Avril are also praying for his quick recovery. :pray:
7.) Go Bucks - 04/29/2013
oh man... sorry to hear that. :pray:

tell him he needs to change his name to FTank and get his butt out of bed.
8.) Ventilator - 04/29/2013
hope to hear he is doing better soon!
9.) billy b - 04/29/2013
My brother went thru that last summer, dang near died, he never has got all his stregnth back, prolly never will, my prayers are with ETANK.
10.) Swamp Fox - 04/29/2013
11.) Pa bowhunter - 04/29/2013
:pray::pray::pray: that he heals quikly.
12.) huya - 04/29/2013
Little update. He fades in and out. When he wakes, he is drugged so much that he hallucinates, And he speaks of things nobody understands. They think this was caused by him spraying some industrial weed killer without using protective gear or mask. They said this type of sickness isn't uncommon in Ark. That is all I got so far.
13.) BULLZ-i - 04/30/2013
14.) huya - 05/02/2013
Now they say it was caused by some of the medication they have him on. And now he is at home with a diet that pretty much makes him a vegatarian.Yea we will how that goes.
15.) DParker - 05/02/2013
[QUOTE=huya;5625]Now they say it was caused by some of the medication they have him on. And now he is at home with a diet that pretty much makes him a vegatarian.Yea we will how that goes.[/QUOTE]

It's good to hear that the figured it out, and it turned out to be something that they can address (pretty easily, I would think). The vegetarian diet makes it a bit of a mixed blessing though.
16.) huya - 05/02/2013
I think it is going to be a little tough for a person that loves steaks, bacon, and venison.
17.) etank43 - 05/05/2013
Just want to say thanks for all the prayers that were sent . It sure has been a rough 3 weeks now , But i've got someone kicking me in the hindend telling me to get up and start moveing .LOL The finial thing that they said caused this was the meds that I had been on for the last 7 yerars .

I can say this much about it when it hit me I ain't never been in that much pain in all my life . AGain thanks for the prayers and i gonna come back well may be not as strong but i'm comming back !
18.) Hunter - 05/05/2013
Great news! :tu: