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1.) crookedeye - 05/12/2013
I havnt seen that bald cranky self consious no fun loving pinhead around lately...:wink

floyd we need to talk nascar one of these days..
2.) crookedeye - 05/12/2013
i can name that tune in 4 notes! bing bing ting ping...

"bridge over santa maria sunset"!!

You are correct!! 50 points goes to the peterson family!!
3.) crookedeye - 05/13/2013
plus football's right around the corner.. floyd tell me the story again when you dominated the whole game at halfback..:hb:
4.) crookedeye - 05/13/2013
did i ever tell you the time i was playing 3rd base? they had a ringer at bat, 6 foot 3... 200 plus pounds.. i was like come get some!
5.) BULLZ-i - 05/13/2013
[QUOTE=crookedeye;5993]plus football's right around the corner.. floyd tell me the story again when you dominated the whole game at halfback..:hb:[/QUOTE]

6.) luv2bowhunt - 05/13/2013
Floyd's on one of those super secret Navy Seal type of missions. If he told you about it he'd have to eat your liver.
7.) Jon - 05/13/2013
[COLOR="#006400"]MMMmmm mmmm, liver[/COLOR]
8.) DParker - 05/13/2013
[QUOTE=Jon;6002][COLOR="#006400"]MMMmmm mmmm, liver[/COLOR][/QUOTE]

Serving suggestion...

9.) bluecat - 05/13/2013
10.) bluecat - 05/13/2013
11.) Swamp Fox - 05/13/2013
Where's Floyd?

Maybe ask some of the scrapbookers...er...facebookers....They might know where he is.

All I know is I tried several times to get him to send me his address so I could mail him a token of my appreciation a while back, and I finally gave up for lack of a reply.

I had to go back and re-read all my posts and check my personal hygiene to see if I had offended him somehow...
12.) crookedeye - 06/08/2013
i heard floyd got a new red tupe' and hes a little bashful to show the guys his new rug..

c'mon floyd ! we wont make fun of you.. i swear..
13.) crookedeye - 06/08/2013
floyd i see you lurking..
14.) crookedeye - 06/08/2013
i ordered the styrker 350 crossbow my shoulders never been the same since i quit cage fighting..