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1.) bluecat - 05/17/2013
Looks like it is just us today DP.

I heard somewhere that you aren't supposed to shoot .22 shorts in a barrel you normally shoot .22 LR. Don't know if that is true or not but the reasoning is something about messing up the rifling.

If that is true, would the same be said for shooting a .38 special cartridge in a .357 magnum?
2.) DParker - 05/17/2013
.22 short rounds are typically loaded with lighter (and shorter) bullets than most .22 LR rounds. Because of that, in theory a .22 short round might be less accurate from a .22 LR barrel due to the latter's rifling twist rate usually being geared toward the heavier bullets. I've not seen it demonstrated in practice, but it's certainly plausible. But that's the only issue I can imagine there being...and I wouldn't label that as a "aren't supposed to shoot .22 short in a .22 LR barrel" sort of problem (unless you're going for tack-driver accuracy).

And shooting .38 Spcl in a .357 Mag gun is not only incredibly common, that ability is one of the selling points for such revolvers. In fact the ONLY difference between the two is that the .357 Mag case is 0.135" longer than the .38 Spcl case.