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1.) Swamp Fox - 06/07/2013

See Post # 40

2.) Go Bucks - 06/08/2013
3.) Alex - 06/08/2013
sorry.. we're not going to let video and pics of topless women on this pg13 site.
Pretty sure you knew better.
4.) crookedeye - 06/08/2013
you winnie alex.. who's going to see it anyhow? you didnt like that?
5.) crookedeye - 06/08/2013
dparkers going to have to start a thread on hunting one of these days.. even if its that button buck he shoit a few years ago

what was the name of that kid who wanted to beat him up over that?? remember he was a arm wrestler? and he was pissed off about it?? for the lifre of me i cant remember his name..:grin:
6.) crookedeye - 06/08/2013
topless women ?? i was looking at her butt.. what she didnt have a top on?
7.) Swamp Fox - 06/09/2013
You gotta wonder if Bullz-i and Floyd and them are just boycotting the site when we can't even raise them with Brazilian hootchie ...
8.) Go Bucks - 06/09/2013
I was thinking that Brazil's Carnival is more along the lines of a cultural exchange, kinda like those National Geographic mags we could hide in plain sight
9.) crookedeye - 06/09/2013
me too..
10.) crookedeye - 06/09/2013
alex has a dirty mind... when he see's flesh its porn to him..and on the other hand us more sophisticated members think as it a beautiful cultural event....
11.) crookedeye - 06/09/2013
how dare you delete the brazilian cultural alex..they are people too..
12.) crookedeye - 06/09/2013
to them its like a circus in are world.. that was more are less a slap in the face to all brazilians..
13.) crookedeye - 06/09/2013
i'm going to see if i can get jesse jackson involved in this..this is an outrage!
14.) Swamp Fox - 06/09/2013

Cultural exchange...

15.) Go Bucks - 06/10/2013
then there is CE's point about "who will see it?"... Lukester fled the nest, HO13 is now perhaps HO20, JG grew up... that leaves OHBH.
16.) Ohbuckhunter - 06/10/2013
The pool boy
17.) luv2bowhunt - 06/10/2013
Why do you guys always feel the need to awaken the sleeping giant?

He's like a bee's nest. Just don't go poking at it and you can slip right past.
18.) Alex - 06/10/2013
i've been pretty hands off so far.
But, if videos with nudity or f'bombs start getting posted then I will address it.

I may not post much, but dont think I would have a forum running that I am not keeping an eye on.

19.) BULLZ-i - 06/11/2013
20.) luv2bowhunt - 06/11/2013
[QUOTE=Alex;6691]I may not post much,[/QUOTE]

....but when I do, I use my deleting powers. Stay thirsty my friends.
21.) luv2bowhunt - 06/11/2013
The world's most 'interesting' man.
22.) Swamp Fox - 06/11/2013
LOL...So I take it BZ can't put his hands on the proper video, either....How disappointing. It was a classic...
23.) DParker - 06/11/2013
He's busy at the moment doing his civic duty by volunteering as a one-man WA search and rescue team....

[URL="http://www.kptv.com/story/22548141/search-on-for-missing-woman-at-washington-campground"]Search for missing naked woman now in second day[/URL]
24.) bluecat - 06/11/2013
So that's where they came up with the term "fanny" pack.
25.) Alex - 06/11/2013
[QUOTE=luv2bowhunt;6700]The world's most 'interesting' man.[/QUOTE]
impressive .lol
in a monte python kind of way.
26.) Swamp Fox - 06/11/2013
[QUOTE=DParker;6706]He's busy at the moment doing his civic duty by volunteering as a one-man WA search and rescue team....

[URL="http://www.kptv.com/story/22548141/search-on-for-missing-woman-at-washington-campground"]Search for missing naked woman now in second day[/URL][/QUOTE]

So I guess the mushrooms are pretty good out there...
27.) BULLZ-i - 06/11/2013

28.) Swamp Fox - 06/11/2013
Oh, c'mon. You're too young for senility.

Your favorite music video with the sexy Brazilian foxes...with the tight polyester pants...:pray:

(If that doesn't ring a bell, I bet someone posts a SNL video from the 70's, LOL)
29.) Swamp Fox - 06/11/2013
"Slacks'....I shoulda said 'slacks".

30.) BULLZ-i - 06/11/2013
31.) Swamp Fox - 06/12/2013
Pretty good, apparently, LOL...


In other news:

32.) BULLZ-i - 06/12/2013

33.) Swamp Fox - 06/12/2013

One for you, one for me, one for you, one for me....another one for me....:wink (let's see if anyone gets that reference)

This could go on forever...We'd probably crash the site...:hb: