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1.) bluecat - 07/02/2013
I have been following your posts of late. You are responsive (mostly in the morning), funny (well almost) and have sort of a semi-positive attitude (well less negative than usual). So my question is,

you feeling okay?
2.) DParker - 07/02/2013
You've never seen [I]Invasion of the Body Snatchers[/I]?
3.) Hunter - 07/02/2013
Maybe Alex gave him "Moderator" status !
4.) bluecat - 07/02/2013
He does have a man crush on Alex.
5.) Hunter - 07/02/2013
"Invasion Of The Body Snatchers" is what we live through every time we go outside with the mosquitoes right now!
6.) bluecat - 07/02/2013
Normally Luv2 does not converse until deer season only to complain about Pennyslvania deer and the Drury brothers. I'm really not understanding what is going on. He knows it's summer right?
7.) luv2bowhunt - 07/02/2013
[QUOTE=bluecat;7489]I have been following your posts of late. You are responsive (mostly in the morning), funny (well almost) and have sort of a semi-positive attitude (well less negative than usual). So my question is,

you feeling okay?[/QUOTE]

I am feeling tired. Not very well rested. Last night was one of those stories that will be passed down through the family for several years.

What are the odds of not one, not two, but 3 bats making it into your house. Nothing like waking up to the sound of your wife screaming and slamming the bedroom door.

That was the beginning of a several hour 'adventure'. Just what I wanted to be doing at 1:00 in the morning. Neighbors had to wonder what was going on, wife screaming, dogs barking, and every light in the house on, and me creeping from room to room with a broom.

I'm sorry for being responsive and friendly. That was not intentional I can assure you.:-)
8.) bluecat - 07/02/2013
We really don't want to know what goes on in your bedroom. I can appreciate the effort though.
9.) luv2bowhunt - 07/02/2013
The Drury brothers couldn't have handled the bats. I'll bet they would have ran out screaming, leaving old Coon Dog to deal with them.

These were public land bats, so naturally, even more evasive.
10.) CHRIS - 07/02/2013
I bet the PGC released them public land bats just to depete the deer herd.
Did you figure out how they were getting in?
11.) bluecat - 07/02/2013
I think Luv2's belfry has some holes in it.
12.) luv2bowhunt - 07/02/2013
[QUOTE=CHRIS;7503]Did you figure out how they were getting in?[/QUOTE]

There's a gap under the attic door, that is always blocked with a rug. That is the only way they can ever get in. Went up there last night during the battle, and saw that someone had went in the attic and not blocked off the gap.

This house was built in 1831, NO way of stopping them from gettting into the attic, without major overhang/edge of roof rennovations.

I hope those dern things aren't on the threatened species list. There might have been a couple casualties.:wink
13.) CHRIS - 07/02/2013
A belfry..is that what they call that extra orifice he has? Huh never would have guessed that.
14.) BULLZ-i - 07/02/2013
15.) CHRIS - 07/02/2013
we had bat issues with my parent victorian house, any small gap in the gable or soffit and they found their way in. we "batted" plenty of them rats with wings with tennis rackets. we just had one up at the cabin that decided to hang out under the closed porch umbrella..boy was my wife surprised when she open that up.
16.) Swamp Fox - 07/02/2013
I lived in a house built in the 1800's for quite a while ...I know it was antebellum, but I don't know or remember how far back...My problems were squirrels in the walls and a difficult housemate every once in a while. Well, that and the fact that Reconstruction apparently had nothing to do with making repairs easier for me 120 years later.

In fact, I almost wrote about that house yesterday when I was tempted to tell a snake-under-a-canoe story, LOL.

I remember as a little kid getting off the school bus and going up to the front door of the house and being confronted with a bat hanging upside down....on the doorknocker, I think...My impression is that it was at eye level...So you know I am still freaked out about it, LOL
17.) bluecat - 07/02/2013
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;7531]I remember as a little kid getting off the school bus and going up to the front door of the house and being confronted with a bat hanging upside....[/QUOTE]

That was grandpa.
18.) Swamp Fox - 07/02/2013
Good morning, Cousin It! :wave:
19.) CHRIS - 07/02/2013
its the little things like that that stick in your mind forever.
one of mine was when I was a teenager i was invited up to a buddys deer camp in snowshoe Pa and me being the agressive one was the first to open the porch door, glancing down mid stride I saw what I first thought to be a "stick" however it actually turned out to be a 4' black snake bunched up across the threshold. i was backpedaling like a mofo to get away... i lost a pretty new pair of shorts over that. now i glance down every time i open a door.
20.) DParker - 07/02/2013
When I was a kid growing up in AZ I got up in the middle of the night to have a little quality time in the bathroom. I flicked on the light, dropped jammies trow and was was about to spin around and sit down when, just as my eyes began adjusting to the light, I spotted a scorpion sitting on the seat. I was already used to seeing the little bastages on a fairly regular basis so it didn't really freak me out...but to this day I don't ever sit my naked butt down without first getting good visual confirmation that the landing area is secured.
21.) Swamp Fox - 07/02/2013
Scorpions, spiders and bats, oh my!
22.) luv2bowhunt - 07/02/2013
Just in case you get in my situation, turn the ceiling fans on high.

They are your best friend in downing the flying mammal Luftwaffe.
23.) luv2bowhunt - 07/02/2013
I need to start a thread on bat hunting. I picked up several good tips last night in the epic struggle.

Tip 1. Always have a partner to watch your back........mine was cowering in the bedroom, screaming and yelling.

Tip 2. Try to pick a better partner than that.
24.) DParker - 07/02/2013
3. Have a good supply of garlic and silver on hand.
25.) CHRIS - 07/02/2013
4. wooded stake with a point on the end
5. silver bullets
26.) bluecat - 07/02/2013
Improved cylinder, dove loads.
27.) Hunter - 07/02/2013
[QUOTE=bluecat;7561]Improved cylinder, dove loads.[/QUOTE]