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1.) Swamp Fox - 07/03/2013
A) If anyone has the latest version of Yahoo mail and knows how to delete multiple email messages at one time without---after the selected items have been deleted--- then having to exempt the same messages you just exempted (largely because there is no "page" feature anymore and the inbox is just one big scroll now) in order to proceed with further deletions...


B) If you know how to select multiple messages for simultaneous deletion in Yahoo Basic (which does have pages)...

please let me know.

I think I was able to do some deleting in Option A a few days ago that did not involve my inbox automatically adjusting back to the new top of the list after deletion, but that doesn't seem to be happening now. Either that or I am imagining the whole thing.

In any event, since they pulled Yahoo Classic out from under me, managing my email has become a real PITA. There is no Customer Service Help option for this issue that I've been able to find in a number of attempts.

[B]What email services should I consider switching to, and why? What's involved, and does anyone have any tips considering I've had a yahoo address forever. [/B]
2.) bluecat - 07/03/2013
Not familiar with Yahoo mail Swampy. I think you can manage your Yahoo mail account using Microsoft Outlook. You just need to configure Outlook to use your Yahoo mail account. Your housekeeping would be easier here than using a web program.

I may be way off base so someone correct me.

I use gmail and like it. It is clunky though when it comes to house cleaning. I need to try and set that up so I can use Outlook to manage.
3.) DParker - 07/03/2013
As far as I'm aware, the only alternative to using the "Select All" check box and then de-selecting the messages you want to "exempt" from deletion (or whatever other action you might be performing) is to instead just individually select the messages you want to delete in the first place. Neither is an ideal solution but...well....Yahoo. I only maintain my Yahoo mail account as a form of spam-sink, and use it for services that require me to provide an e-mail address (usually as an ID) and that I *know* will be selling it to other companies, who will in turn be gifting me with virtual truckloads of the aforementioned spam. The result is that I'm usually able to just select and delete just about everything. My main e-mail address is the account provided to me by my ISP. Who is your ISP, and don't they provide you with one or more e-mail accounts? Pretty much all of them do.

Otherwise, all of the freely provided e-mail services with which I'm familiar suck in one way or another. They're like cell phone companies that way.
4.) Hunter - 07/03/2013
Swampy, take a look at Outlook.com ( not to be confused with Microsoft Outlook).
5.) Swamp Fox - 07/03/2013
Thx, Ted.

My ISP is Road Runner or TWC---...whichever is more appropriate to say.
They did give me email capability but I never set it up.

(I also have some dotcom addys through GoDaddy that I use for business.)

Isn't there some kind of issue tying your email addy to your ISP, though? As in when you might want to change providers, etc.? Or is that no worse than wanting to go from Yahoo to Gmail, say?
6.) DParker - 07/03/2013
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;7577]Isn't there some kind of issue tying your email addy to your ISP, though? As in when you might want to change providers, etc.? Or is that no worse than wanting to go from Yahoo to Gmail, say?[/QUOTE]

That's a fair point. I've been with Verizon for years though, so wasn't even thinking about that consideration.
7.) Hunter - 07/03/2013
There should be no issue. We use Windows Live Mail which is being replaced by Outlook.com. It is really no problem setting up the email service to receive the emails from your provider