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1.) ARCHERXP - 07/15/2013
Howdy everybody? Glad to see this up and running again =):beer:
2.) Deerminator - 07/15/2013
Hay, there ya are. The door is always open for ya.
Good to see ya typ'n. Whatchya been up to?
3.) billy b - 07/15/2013
Where in the heck have you been??????? Glad to see you back, where are you now?
4.) Hunter - 07/15/2013
5.) ARCHERXP - 07/16/2013
Just got back from a deployment. Soon to head to f.e. warren afb, Wyoming. Missed you guys. No homo.
6.) Deerminator - 07/16/2013
Got any cool souvenirs?
7.) ARCHERXP - 07/16/2013
I have a couple of things. i got a cool head doohikie thingy from the base commander from one of the foreign bases. =) lotta cool memories. one of them in particular =) [url]http://www.dvidshub.net/news/104586/educational-ambassador#.UeS7jRbw4qY[/url]
8.) Deerminator - 07/16/2013
9.) Deerminator - 07/16/2013
Any cool gear? Camo, knives, packs, survival stuff?
10.) Leighton - 07/16/2013
Good to see you back , hope all is well with you and the family.:tu:
11.) ARCHERXP - 07/19/2013
Just the standard stuff they gave me. But nothing cooler than the stuff I already had. I did get some cool water purifiers though. It'll definitely be useful on the camping hikes.

What's new here? Seems a lot quieter than I remember it.
12.) Swamp Fox - 07/19/2013
Were you here when the site shut down for a while? Last summer or fall. A lot of guys drifted away.

We're trying to rev the excitement level back up with raffles, a new-truck giveaway, posts with pictures of beautiful women. a Sunday night on-line bingo game and of course the Friday music videos....
13.) ARCHERXP - 07/20/2013
I was but I was attending my pre-deployment training. Sweet, I can't wait to win :hb: lol