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1.) patdouglas22 - 08/16/2013
So I have researched this to death and opinions vary all over the board. I am fairly new to the food plot aspect of hunting. My good friend just purchased a farm in Central KY this spring. I planted a couple of small plots last year on my lease with moderate success, but time constraints and bad luck led to me planting right before a drought. It was getting late in the year, there was rain in the forecast, but it just didn't pan out.

I am going heavy on brassica, mainly turnips. My thinking is that if I am going to plant it, I want it to be around when the food situation is scarce and when it's cold enough to see a daytime buck. Already have some clover established. Of course I will be supplementing the farm with feeders. Plots are going in within the next week or so by the way and my buddy (the property owner) already has a couple bags of buck on the bag seed, but I want to do some heavy brassica planting in a couple of areas. Thinking about getting straight turnips from the co-op. I am impressed with whitetail institute products but man they're pricey. I'm a bit dissapointed with the other options available... when it says "extreme brassica" blah blah, you flip the bag over and it's 97% ryegrass and 1% turnip... that doesn't sound good to me.

What you guys planting?
2.) Swamp Fox - 08/16/2013
I don't know anything about central Kentucky except what I hear on late-night comedy shows, but I wonder if turnips are going to be attractive to deer early enough. I don't know how long your season runs, but I think of turnips as late-season food, if it becomes prime at all before the season goes out. Before I put a lot of effort into turnips, I'd check with the locals.

Also, somebody out there has an optimum planting date for your area. Try to make that date, and see if you can coordinate with the rain. A peek at the farmer's almanac wouldn't hurt, either.

October 1 is the magic date for me in east-central SC, though when I hunted in the western piedmont part of the state we did a bunch of different stuff year-round and not much that wasn't in before the season started. I have not messed with food plots much in NC, either because I didn't have my own ground or I didn't have much access to equipment. I have a little bit of experience with a few different things but have to say my favorites are Brooks oats and to a lesser extent crimson or ladino clover depending on what I'm trying to do. I am lucky to be around soybeans and corn these days, but I don't have anything to do with that...That's up to the farmers who lease the ground. My landowner asked me if I wanted any sweet corn but I told him not to bother unless he wanted to put some in for his own reasons. It never did well when he did plant it.

But that's around here. What works for you is likely to be different.
3.) Ventilator - 08/16/2013
I agree,oats are probably a good choice in KY as well.
4.) Deerminator - 08/17/2013
All the anti hunting people get vicious when the deer hit there flower gardens.

Try planting flowers:-)

winter heat maybe
5.) Dan-o - 08/17/2013
I like Turnips and rape. For simplicity stick with a commercial blend like Antler King Honey Hole. 20 bucks or so for enough seed for a half acre. You can cut the price in half if you know someone that can create a blend for you.
6.) patdouglas22 - 08/18/2013
Good stuff guys.

Turnips seem to be the most highly recommended from pretty much everybody I know who does food plots. Most of which are gun hunters oddly enough. Since I always supplement with a feeder and I do have clover already established in front of some stands, I'm not extremely worried about early season food source and corn and the stuff in the throw and grow blend that I do use suffices. Turnips usually become attractive in Kentucky around mid-late November and most importantly to me, December, but had a buddy who planted them and the deer mowed them down before October. I feel like early season, there is plenty to eat but late season (Rut-Mid Jan) if I have the only food source, I am golden.

Having said that, I of course respect your opinions and that's why I ask for it. I do have a blend that I am just supplementing with more turnips and Rape in places. My buddy bought WI Vita Greens and he has some outfitter's blend as well. Also, was thinking about planting this week and local at the co-op says don't! Apparently it's going to get hot again next weekend.

Again, good stuff guys. It should be an interesting expirement and of course I'll let you guys know how it goes.
7.) Swamp Fox - 08/18/2013
We tried turnips one year here (SC) and they didn't do diddly. Fortunately it was my landowner's idea so I had no money in it. Our season goes out Jan 1, basically, and it wasn't cold enough/plot didn't come up well enough. I think we had rape way back on another club but I don't remember much about it one way or another.

Good to know you're on the right track there, though, right? :tu:
8.) patdouglas22 - 08/19/2013
Absolutely. I have minimal investment financially as well. Landowner got most of the seed. We are hedging our bets a bit with a couple of blends and I can't get over the turnip/brassica idea until I try it and fail. The idea of having a green that they eat and a bulb that they come back later for in late season sounds too good not to try. Will definately keep you posted. Everything has been disc'd up, now just waiting for rain in the forecast and a good time to plant. Ill post pics if I get a chance later on.
9.) bluecat - 08/19/2013
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;9623]I don't know anything about central Kentucky except what I hear on late-night comedy shows[/QUOTE]