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1.) Old Crow - 03/05/2013
Whats up Jokers .... Good to see folks are finding there way back ... :grin::hb::grin:

Thanks Alex for getting something cooking again ... !!
2.) hoyt_em - 03/05/2013
When you heading back next? I need the the fan club in June for the next OD shoot.
3.) billy b - 03/05/2013
Hello old buzzard:grin:
4.) Jon - 03/05/2013
Old one, how u doin??
5.) Alex - 03/05/2013
Welcome home you old coot. Good to see a man of character here.
6.) Jon - 03/05/2013
Character is all you're looking for Alex???
7.) Alex - 03/05/2013
[QUOTE=Jon;559]Character is all you're looking for Alex???[/QUOTE]
"of character" is NOT "a character"
just so we're clear.
8.) Old Crow - 03/05/2013
[QUOTE=hoyt_em;513]When you heading back next? I need the the fan club in June for the next OD shoot.[/QUOTE]

Might be June or July .... I need to assure my renters intentions in May. If their moving on after 2 years it may dictate my timing and events of the trip .... IE Painting and New carpet .... Hope their settled in like ticks ... they have been good for payments and little trouble ... Sure would rather come home to go fishing and drink beer then ..... painting and carpeting the house .... :re:

You know the NFAA headquarters is only a few hours away ,.....

[COLOR="#0000CD"][I]First Dakota National Bank Archery Classic

2013 Tournament to be held in Yankton, SD.
April 20 and 21, 2013
"First Dakota Bank Archery Classic" is the third leg of the World Archery Festival 3 Star Tour.

Compete in all three tournaments: World Archery Festival Vegas Shoot - NFAA Indoor Championship - First Dakota Bank Archery Classic for a chance to shoot off for a NEW CAR or $10,000 cash!

Shoot-off for a new car or $10,000 cash follow the completion of shooting on Saturday

Flights Divisions Five styles of shooting will be offered: Freestyle, Freestyle Limited Recurve, Freestyle Limited Compound, Bowhunter Freestyle, and Crossbow. These divisions will be flighted based on score, with $CASH$ awards. Men and women will be combined in these divisions.

Round for 2012 The 92 cm multi color targets will be used to shoot a 60 arrow round each day. The round is 4 ends of 5 arrows at 40-50-60 yards for Adults and Young Adults, 30-40-50 yards for Youth and 10-20-30 yards for Cubs. Total possible score each day is 600.[/I][/COLOR]
9.) BULLZ-i - 03/05/2013
OLD COW :tu:
10.) Old Crow - 03/05/2013
What up :tu:

To the rest of you [B][U][I]goobers[/I][/U][/B] tooo .... :wink
11.) DParker - 03/05/2013
[QUOTE=Alex;563]"of character" is NOT "a character"
just so we're clear.[/QUOTE]

I note that you didn't say "of [I][B]good[/B][/I] character" either. Liberties will be taken.
12.) hoyt_em - 03/06/2013
OC, you got a good venue to shoot at...no excuses now.

Just sayin...
13.) Old Crow - 03/06/2013
[QUOTE=hoyt_em;957]OC, you got a good venue to shoot at...no excuses now.

Just sayin...[/QUOTE]

That was an open invite .... when ever you feel froggy ... and schedule Vegas too and hit the triple crown...... I've been told the april timing is in the SD polar bears favor .... with some local boys taking home top scores .... playing the wind and shooting in snowmobile boots ... lol
14.) hoyt_em - 03/06/2013
Vegas is on the radar...would love to say 2014, but...$$$$...that ain't no cheap adventure.

Thinking Lancaster next year...we'll see.